Meeting Minutes, February 2020

Meeting called to order KF0S 6:34pm
Business: Officers Reports
E-mail from AARL : Not to re-elect CEO, looking for new one
VP News: Programs (Tonight: Trunked Radio)
Next Month: DXpedition (presented before business at 6:30PM)
Secretary: Minutes posted, no objections
January & February reports: Received.

Opening Balance: $10,484.43
Dues: $220.00
PayPal Dues: $120.00
IBM: $6.60
United Way:
Insurance Refund $320.00
RPU: $51.04
Meeting Food $15.23
Paypal charges $3.84
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $11,080.92

Opening Balance: $4,820.94
Interest: $0.04
Closing Balance: $4,820.98

Total: $15,901.90

Liability insurance canceled over E-Mail SNAFU.
Working with Major in CAP; ATV in plane. 2 systems available.
Damage assessment class this Saturday @ 10AM. 3.5hrs. Red Cross supplies. At EOC under FS#2
Skywarn shirts: Fillmore county started with shirts, we’re getting some for Olmsted County Skywarn. $20 per shirt
March 9th: Skywarn training at International Convention Center. Looking for 3-4 volunteers for registration @6. Dinner at mexican restaurant before?

Public Service: MS Bike across MN July 27-31, 5 days, looking for Ham Operators to do volunteer. Sign up on reflector.
Frozen Goose was canceled due to low attendance
March 28th; Youth 5K race (TBD?)
John Scott will probably be done with public service leadership at the end of the year, looking to delegate.

Classes: No information at present. Community Education starting April 18th

Tech Committee: Lawyers for 82 tower gave authorization to replace feedline and antenna, move mount down 20ft so antenna goes vertically. No other options panned out. Looking at Don Overby (most recommended tower climber). Antenna ordered, w. John Scott: DB-224E
Taking on Inventory (including deployed equipment) with checks, etc.

Contesting: Some participation in MN QSO party, VHF contest
Control Operator Committee.
VE test session; 3 techs, 1 general, 1 extra!

John Marshall: 4 students, need topics! Setting up station, our radio, tuner, powersupply. They are supplying antennas and grounds, etc. Open for all HS in Rochester.
EOC donated 2m radio.
Winter Field Day: 6-7 operators. Portables set up, ran off of EOC radio.

Old Business: Bylaws. Distribute and plan to vote next month!
New Business: AB0BW repeater, Yaesu Fusion & FM Analog: 444.950 w. 114.8 PL
KA0MYG Repeater 443.700 is down, likely permanently.
Metro ARES meeting on Saturday (W0STV): Analog for disaster communications.
August meeting at KOA

Introductions & Topics:
CW & HW. General classes. Local EmComm
Meeting closed at 7:08

Meeting Minutes December 10th 2019

Meeting started 6:30pm

Treasurer’s report received:

Opening Balance: $ 10,413.19
Dues: $ 180.00
United Way:
IBM: $ 4.40
PicNik $ 25.00
Postage Box Rent $ 96.00

RPU $ 50.14
Closing Balance: $ 10,426.45

Opening Balance: $ 4,820.48
Interest: $ 0.03
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.51

Total: $ 15,282.96

Old Business:
Voting for officers, passed by vote:
President: Dave K0VH
VP: Eric Van Norman
Treasuerer: George KD0YOZ
Secretary: Collin AA0CN

BUG Group on Saturday 14th December; Digital Operations

Bob KE0EXE has HAM radio cheat-sheet cards

Christmas Party: 5 West on January 14th. Pay-your-own way, menu TBD. Tip in cash!

Social time, meeting closed

RARC Bylaws Discussion – Nov 19th 6:30pm @ Rochester EOC (Open to all members)

This is a special-interest discussion for those who have interest in any amendments to the by-laws. There have been many suggestions, concerns, and proposals that should be taken into consideration. This will be an opportunity for those who have interests to discuss at length in an open forum without the time restraints of a usual meeting. As a result of this meeting (and any subsequent discussion), we hope to have a concrete set of amendments to the current by-laws to be reviewed and voted on by the club during the following monthly meetings. No official business or voting will be handled at this meeting, and all proposals will have to be voted on at official meetings per the current bylaw amendment process.
Suggestions may be submitted to the secretary in advance or if you are unable to attend (Collin,
We will begin with a review of the current bylaws, see

Meeting Minutes November 12th 2019

Meeting to order 6:35pm

Treasurer’s report:
Opening Balance: $ 10,783.87
Dues: $ 30.00
PayPal Dues: $ 40.00
United Way: $ 105.00
Raffle: $ 12.00
IBM: $ 4.40
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $ 1.18
RPU $ 51.29
Closing Balance: $ 10,922.80
Opening Balance: $ 4,820.82
Interest: $ 0.04
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.86
Total: $ 15,743.66

Next Tuesday: Bylaws discussion 6:30PM at Rochester EOC

Nomination committee report:
2020 roster (for voting in December)
President: Dave K0VH
VP: Drew KF0S
Treasurer: George KD0YOZ
Secretary: Collin AA0CN

Host Net Script on our website; W0STV to send to BJ KC0NPF
SET event on Saturday, Nov 16th at Firestation #2 / Rochester EOC

Meeting Minutes October 8th 2019

Meeting to order at 6:34 PM
Treasurer’s report, received and accepted

Treasurer’s Report, 2019-10

Opening Balance: $ 10,810.84
Dues: $ 30.00
PayPal Dues:
United Way:
Raffle: $ 22.00
IBM: $ 4.40
Meeting Food
Paypal charges
KOA/PicNic $ 30.00
RPU $ 53.37
Closing Balance: $ 10,783.87
Opening Balance: $ 4,820.79
Interest: $ 0.03
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.82

Total: $ 15,604.69

Old Business:
82 repeater meeting:
KFSI not reachable for power.
Possible contract to go higher at current site. Go to top of tower?
Airport is a no-go. IBEW is not interested.
Other options include watertowers.
Complaint about noisy tower during precipitation. Satellite receivers further out? Investigate.
Still in data collection mode.

New business:
Nomination committee. Contact K0SIR if interested in being on the group to nominate the nomination committee.
Invitation to John Crook (VHF/UHF session previously from Yaesu)
Station show-off pictures for November meeting: KE0PBI AA0CN AB0BW K0VH N0HZN K0RGR AB0BW WB0U

School effort: Possibly link High Schools together as one ham group?

Adjourn 6:46pm

Meeting Minutes September 10th 2019

Meeting to order 6:30pm
New member/mentor list available
Dues/Join membership forms available
ARRL membership form (RARC gets a cut of money!)

Treasurer’s report received :
Opening Balance: $ 10,390.55
Dues: $ 60.00
PayPal Dues:
United Way: $ 180.00
Raffle: $ 16.00
IBM: $ 8.80
Education: $ 225.00
ARRL: $ 15.00
Meeting Food $ 32.91
Paypal charges
RPU $ 51.60
Closing Balance: $ 10,810.84

Opening Balance: $ 4,820.75
Interest: $ 0.04
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.79

Total: $ 15,631.63

Old business:
82 repeater: Airport site a no-go.
Bob Wiles (new DEC) introduces K0JCR
Award Presentation to Bill K0RGR for his service

Stations for 3-6 antenna photos: W0STV, K4IU, N0SPN, KD0EXE, K0SIR, AB0BW, KC0PBI, K0RGR
John from Yaesu has information on HF Yaesu equipment. Possibly have him back?
Nominating committee per bylaws per October: John N0HZN
No need to vote on trustee (Gil Baron, W0MN)

Meeting Minutes August 13th

New forms in the meeting
ARRL renew forms, use and the club gets a cut!

Treasurer’s Report 2019-08

Opening Balance: $11,057.72
PayPal Dues: $60.00
United Way:
Raffle: $18.00
IBM: $2.20
Amazon: $18.93
Meeting Food $49.43
Paypal charges $1.92
Field Day Food $235.92
Field Day $48.81
Picnic Food $200.45
RPU $104.77
Tower lease $125.00
Closing Balance: $10,390.55

Opening Balance: $4,820.68
Interest: $0.07
Closing Balance: $4,820.75

Old business
82 repeater:
Changed plans, now looking at old radar tower at airport
Looking at viability, height, testing with standby repeater

$150 for Schaeffer: passed
$50 for trailer guy: passed
$Same amount: for K0A Passed

Next Meeting: Contesting K4IU

Ground Welding Equipment; looking to split mold costs #4 wire to 5/8 ground rod; Bob KD0EXE

Meeting Minutes, June 2019

Started 18:36
Go over club application, on website
Treasurer’s report:

Opening Balance: $ 12,074.78
Dues: $ 60.00
PayPal Dues: $ 30.00
United Way:
Raffle: $ 13.00
IBM: $ 6.60
Meeting Food $ 50.19 2 months
Paypal charges $ 0.96
Repeater repair $ 957.95 82 Antenna
RPU $ 50.71
Field Day $ 66.85 Signs
Closing Balance: $ 11,057.72

Opening Balance: $ 4,820.64
Interest: $ 0.04
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.68

Total: $ 15,878.40

Bookkeeping program? Are funds allocated and using properly?
Motion to move Christmas party to Jan, have regular mtg on Dec 10th. Passed.
Summer party: need to close (KC0NPF?): July meeting at KOA Campground, see website!
Repeater Budget: $7500 to be allocated. for the 82 repeater project Motion passed.
Recruiting discussion

Field Day discussion, June 22-23rd

Meeting Minutes, May 2019

Meeting started 6:30PM
Treasurer’s report:
Opening Balance: $ 11,550.03
Dues: $ 150.00
PayPal Dues: $ 320.00
United Way:
Raffle: $ 14.00
IBM: $ 4.40
Amazon: $ 36.18
Donation: $ 100.00
Meeting Food $ 18.84
Paypal charges $ 18.74
Repeater repair $ 12.07
RPU $ 50.48
Closing Balance: $ 12,074.48

Opening Balance: $ 4,820.61
Interest: $ 0.03
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.64

Total: $ 16,895.12

10 new members!
New Membership Form
Fill out form if you are not getting e-mail/newsletter!
Old business:
Need 24″ trailer
John KA0MYG Tech committee
– For the 146.820 repeater:
– Antenna on the way via John Scott
– Tower climber, looking?
– Voting site for 820: Repeater at Government Center?
– 145.670 packet: Actively looking at NE side packet node, link to the TC
– 147.255, 70CM link to Stewartville?
– Christmas Party, Dec 10th: 5 West? Motion, passed
– Meeting Adjourned 6:49PM

Meeting Minutes, April 2019

8:34pm : Meeting called to order
Pre-annoucnement, Gary Peterson: Driveway Swapfest in May/June?
Treasurer’s report:
Opening Balance: $ 11,343.50
Dues: $ 40.00
PayPal Dues: $ 240.00
United Way:
Raffle: $ 9.00
IBM: $ 2.20
Meeting Food $ 34.41
RPU $ 50.26
Closing Balance: $ 11,550.03
Opening Balance: $ 4,820.57
Interest: $ 0.04
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.61
Total: $ 16,370.64

Fillmore Co. doing their own field day; $66.85 for Field Day banners, motion to buy: passed

NWS canceled siren test, RARC to cancel ours too.
Ragchew, start 6:45pm, business closed.