RARC Bylaws Discussion – Nov 19th 6:30pm @ Rochester EOC (Open to all members)

This is a special-interest discussion for those who have interest in any amendments to the by-laws. There have been many suggestions, concerns, and proposals that should be taken into consideration. This will be an opportunity for those who have interests to discuss at length in an open forum without the time restraints of a usual meeting. As a result of this meeting (and any subsequent discussion), we hope to have a concrete set of amendments to the current by-laws to be reviewed and voted on by the club during the following monthly meetings. No official business or voting will be handled at this meeting, and all proposals will have to be voted on at official meetings per the current bylaw amendment process.
Suggestions may be submitted to the secretary in advance or if you are unable to attend (Collin, AA0CN@arrl.net)
We will begin with a review of the current bylaws, see https://www.rarchams.org/wp/operational-documents/

RARC Social at Wildwood – November 21, 2019

The RARC holds a social event the last Thursday of each month at Wildwood. Plenty of parking and the food is great. We average around 7 to 10 people, and we have had as many as 13. We meet around 5:30 pm. We have been leaving around 7:30. We discuss anything and everything. It is very informal. Hams that you have not seen at meetings or public service events have shown up. Come and join us bring the family have some drink some eats and have a good time.

PLEASE RSVP by 12:00 NOON on Thursday

RARC Builder’s Day – November 16, 2019

RARC hosts a Builder’s Day from 9am to 11am on the Saturday following the normal club meeting each month. The purpose of the Builder’s Day is for any club members to bring in and work on projects such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, homebrew radios, or any other projects that members are interested in working on. The Builder’s Day will be located in the same location as the monthly meeting – at the Rochester EOC, located in the lower level of the 2185 Wheelock Drive Building (Also Rochester Fire Station No. 2)

Join or Renew your Membership

Membership is open to all licensed amateurs, and to all other persons interested in supporting the purposes and activities of the club. We’ll get out of the dark ages and get a real membership management system one day, as soon as the webmaster gets a raise (hi hi..). Until then the process is as follows:

Dues for Individual Members are $30 annually, and Family Memberships are $40 annually.

Fill out the Membership Application form and submit to the secretary of the club at the next RARC meeting, by e-mail, or by snail mail (with a check please) to:
P.O. Box 1
Rochester, MN 55903

If you prefer to submit payment electronically, use the paypal box below but DON’T FORGET to send the membership form by e-mail as well!!

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