Repeater Upgrade – 146.625

It has come to the attention of the Tech Committee recently that we have a unique opportunity to replace and update the 625 machine. In the last several years Yaesu has been offering their “Fusion” repeaters at a fairly decent discount. Their play is to get Fusion digital repeaters out to as many clubs as possible in hopes that Fusion radio sales will follow, and it seems to be working..

We’re looking specifically at the DR-2X The benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Modernize the repeater and increase stability, its last upgrade was 2004.
  • Maintain Analog FM operation on 146.625
  • Add the capability to pass C4FM Digital “Fusion” mode
  • Add the capability to join Wires-X, via the HRI-200 linking with several other counties around us.
  • Repeater will be frequency-agile and COULD be used on VHF or UHF if we ever desire to do so.
  • Can be used with an external controller if we want to add bells and whistles.

Not all of the equipment will be replaced at this time. We’ll be using the existing:

  • Duplexers
  • Feedline
  • Antenna

Resources to learn about the repeater, the Fusion system & Wires-X: – This website was most helpful

The existing KRP5000 repeater + CAT1000 controller was purchased in 2003. It has been a very solid machine and was recently re-aligned. The controller, while flexible, is also a bit dated.


  • DR-2X Repeater: $700
  • HRI-200 Wires-X device: $125
  • FVS-2 Voice Synthesizer: $35
  • PC for Wires-X Linking: ??
  • Shipping: ??

We expect all total to be under $1200 for this upgrade.

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UTC Radio Clock – AA0CN V1.0

AA0CN UTC Radio Clock

This is a printable clock face for 8″ analog clocks, with a fixed “Local” inner wheel and a rotatable “UTC” outer wheel. The outer wheel may be adjusted twice a year for Daylight Savings Time changes, or adjusted for time zone changes.

Inspiration was taken from maritime radio room clocks, with marked periods for 3 minutes after every 15 minute interval for distress silence, which also doubles as a marker for 3 minutes every 3 hours per ad-hoc radio schedules such as the 3-3-3 plan.


  1. Print out the two above linked PDFs at full size onto heavy cardstock paper.
  2. Cut away the gray sections of the Inner and Outer wheels, including the grey window box on the inner wheel so the current timezone is visible through the window when assembled.
  3. Remove battery and disassemble clock: Remove glass so face is accessible and remove clock hands.
  4. On both paper wheels, cut center hole for clock hand post to size.
  5. Insert the larger UTC wheel first, allow to rotate.
  6. Using double-sided tape, glue, or similar, affix the inner Local time wheel to the clock body through the hole of the outer UTC wheel, so the center is stuck down but the UTC wheel can still freely move. Remember to orient “12 O’Clock” to the top of the clock body!
  7. Replace hands back onto the clock. By placing them back into the “12:00” position, it is easy to get the hour/minute offset correct.
  8. Adjust the outer UTC wheel so current timezone is displayed through Local time window.
  9. Reassemble clock body, replace battery, and synchronize to WWV


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