Meeting Minutes, April 2022

W0STV called meeting to order: 6:30pm

Vice President (K0SIR) has resigned, looking for a new VP for remainder of 2022. Contact Steve W0STV

Secretary report: On website

Treasurer’s report: N0UM

Report  2022-Apr    

Opening Balance: $ 4,973.76
Dues: $ 180.00
PayPal Dues: $ 120.00
Raffle: $ 11.00
United Way:
Donation: $ 15.00
RPU: $ 47.11
Meeting Food $ 19.37
Paypal charges $ 4.36
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 5,228.92

Opening Balance: $ 9,821.88
Interest: $ 0.08
Closing Balance: $ 9,821.96

Total: $ 15,050.88

Treasurer’s report accepted.

Committee Reports

Tech Committee: 147.255 repeater, sensitivity down, avoid using. Tech request is in the works.

146.820 repeater is primary until further notice!

Consider unlinking the 146.625 repeater (FM only perhaps, as a backup)

County has two duplexers that we could use; Storing these at 820 site for the moment. May use in ARES trailer repeater

Bulk supply order: if someone has an order they want to put in, could be put out as a club request. Combine orders. If bigger orders, can collaborate.

ARES trailer might need some shelving

Talked about remote station, 125Live (need experienced folks, keep station easy-to-use). Talk with W0STV

John Marshall HS: Some issues, attempt to keep going.

W0STV is looking at cabinetry for 125Live station

Public Service:

Med City Marathon (May) and Rochesterfest Parade (June); Go to website. Need participants! Contact W0STV and KF0S.

Contesting: K4IU

Sunspots are high, solar flux >140.

Middle of May, upcoming QSO parties.

Parks-On-The-Air; This summer! Consider 20m dipoles! Easy to get into!

POTA awards for contacts, etc.


State monthly email next month.

Olmsted ARES: W0STV

NWS training, 6:30pm at the Convention Center next to Apache Mall (Empire Convention Center)

Wear Olmsted County Skywarn shirts if you have them!

Saturday Skywarn Training / ARES training: 9AM at Fire Station #2

Check GPS for ARES/SKYWARN use! Get on APRS this weekend and Steve will add.

Update your info with Olmsted ARES on website.

Fillmore ARES/Skywarn training: April 23rd

Field Day: Taylor Ballman WB0RSJ, Field Day Coordinator

Sunday Night ARES Net schedule updated through 2023

WinLink: Send a message to W0STV to check connectivity.

John Marshall HS: KE0WNH

2 students very interested in taking the test, going through practice questions. 8th hour / Rocket hour

Membership dues: Pay if you haven’t!

Introductions, etc.

Amazon Smile: Sign up if you are buying through Amazon!

Meeting closed 7:20pm

Meeting Minutes, March 2022

RARC Meeting Minutes, March 8th
To order: W0STV @6:32pm
Program: Antenna Modelling

Treasurer’s Report 2022-Mar Checking:
Opening Balance: $4,431.63
Dues: $120.00
PayPal Dues: $370.00
Raffle: $12.00
Refund guest book $35.95
United Way: $65.00
Amazon: $43.32
Donation: $5.00
RPU: $47.50
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $13.28
Field Day:
Equipment name tags pens guest book $48.36
Tower Lease
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $4,973.76
Opening Balance: $9,821.81
Credits $0.07
Interest: $9,821.88
Closing Balance:
Total: $14,795.64

Minutes from February: W0STV moved, K0VH second, passed.

Tech Committee: KF0S
DSTAR : thanks to BJ KC0NPF for getting it into new room. Very active on 30C
Fusion Repeater: Spectrum is a little wide, KC0NPF will look into it
May both be temporarily down, due to potential Mayo upgrade. John Scott to look into it.
Inventory to be finished up.
625 repeater is now active

Public Service: Only 3 events so far this year.
Events want “Sponsors”; No more volunteers at waterstops. They found another revenue stream for sponsorships. Bounce Day, Med City, some others.

Contesting K4IU: This last weekend, sporadic conditions
Upcoming contests:RTTY contests
Phone WPX SSB contest, 26th March
Parks On The Air: Mark Kelm K0GMK
Weather has been cold; Will ramp up in spring!
Map on the POTA website, you can see locations.
Facebook page with publicized activations
Elmers Net: Will continue into summer. KE0SHQ to take over NCS. Portable station focus.
Education: K0VH: Bill is updating website, ARRL’s training is pretty good
JM High School station: Scheduling difficulties and space could move. Might just remote from JM to 125 Live site (if it works out!)
Remote Station: 125 Live is strong possibility, seeking approval
Can do classes, has power/internet, can be used as remote station as well.
2M antenna, vertical possibilities. We have a base that can be used (with weights). Vertical conduit. Possible all-in-one computer for ham station at 125live. Set of headphones so users can log in.

State ARES, AB0BW: Not much at the moment.
Olmsted ARES, W0STV: Continuing ARES trainings on Saturdays at 9AM after the meetings. Bring laptop/phone/tablet, register if you can but we can do it Saturday. We’ll start with the very basics, all welcome
Rochester Fire Department: March 15,16,17th, 22,23,24th, mock shooting drills. Looking for mock victims for scenario. Contact W0STV.
Old Business:Membership Dues: End of march is cutoff, please keep memberships updated!DMR Repeater: Currently down, might take a while to repair the Faribault repeater.Skywarn: April 13th training, Wildwood meetup first.
New Business:
Selling old equipment: Discussion.Items like a PowerAmp, etc.ARRL Grant Money: No objections to look into itTech Committee to look into buying a spool or two of coax, connectors, antenna wire, etc. Club members can buy from club’s bulk supplies at-cost. Can be used for ARES, for Builders group type things, etc. Tech committee to consider.

Field Day: Need Location. Need Leader for 2022.
K0MD has suggested MWA members coordinate with our FD. Contact Steve W0STV if interested

Introductions, meeting adjourned 7:25pm

Meeting Minutes, February 2022

Meeting minutes, Feb 8th 2022
To order 6:32pm
Treasurer’s report: REceived
Report 2022-Feb

Opening Balance: $9,101.41
Dues: $130.00
PayPal Dues: $260.00
United Way:

RPU: $50.66
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $9.12
Field Day:
Tower Lease
To Saveings $5,000.00
Closing Balance: $4,431.63

Opening Balance: $4,821.76
From Checking $5,000.00
Interest: $0.05
Closing Balance: $9,821.81

Total: $14,253.44

Secretary’s notes, Jan2022 received, accepted

Eric KF0S
Tech Committe Report
DSTAR 448 Repeater, moving to 30C and possible upgrade to xref62a
82: Might need quarterly battery mainenance
Remote site: Possible at 125Live. Need to knwo how much usage it might have there. In discussions with them, taking feedback for how much it would be used. Possible class?
JM Club: 2:45-3:30 time slot, need help. National High School OTA event
Finalizing inventory: Get things on the books.

Public Service: Dan N0KZO
Eric Med City Marathon, last weekend in May. Route changed. Signup already on website.
Rochesterfest parade 25th June 2PM, signup available on website
Bounce Day, nothing heard yet, TBD.
Stay Out of the Sun run; Planned, not sure if we’re needed.
Healthy Human Race: TBD.
Chester Woods Run; Nothing heard, probably no involvement.
Staying out of the Down-By-The-Riverside concerts this year.
If there is a Skywarn event, have someone there, otherwise no association.

Contesting: K4IU
ARRL VHF Contest Scores posted (raw).
Feb 19th ARRL DX CW contest
March 5th ARRL DX SSB Contest
WPX Contest March 21st
K0GMK: Parks On The Air, year-round. See
Might set up a club station at Douglass Trail for POTA

Education Bill K0RGR:
Comittee meeting by Zoom for people that can volunteer for education. Feb 24th 6:30pm Zoom meeting for anyone interested.
Currently referring people to ARRL course (self-study)
Uses ARRL License manual.
Question pool changes this year.
Bob K0SIR: Made deal with ARRL; $7 from each applicant, to buy ARRL books. Becoming instructure and get 20%-25% off. If you want to be a mentor, contact K0SIR

ARES: Monthly meetings, next one this Saturday
Testing state simplex frequencies
Training on how to communicate at events
Prowords and Shadowing
State ARES: 2022 MN Ares Conference via Zoom
ARRL HQ Keynote speaker. Lots of topics.
For more info, go to
Feb 26th 1pm-5pm

Field Day: Need FD Organizer

Old Business:
Old RARC FB group, being cleaned up
Website edits: K0RGR Bill, AA0CN Collin, kc0npf BJ, n0kzo Dan. ke0wwg Pat

Hamfest St Cloud 12th of March
NWS Spotter Training in-person
Dues: Still due! Pay them. Online or in person. Include your callsign!

Hamster: Buy, Sell, Trade section, email K0GMK
Meeting closed.

January 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Called to order
Dec 2021 Minutes accepted (W0MN, KC0P Seconded)

Treasurer’s report received (N0UM)
W0STV motion to approve, KE0YJJ seconded

Report 2022-Jan

Opening Balance: $8,868.92
Dues: $250.00
PayPal Dues: $510.00
Raffle: $11.00
United Way:
RPU: $51.27
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $18.04
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Insurance $323.20
Web Domain
Postage $146.00
Closing Balance: $9,101.41

Opening Balance: $4,821.72
Interest: $0.04
Closing Balance: $4,821.76

Total: $13,923.17

Tech Committee: KF0S
– Remote site, work in progress
– Inventory still ongoing- Repeaters (some work?)
– Anyone looking to volunteer, contact KF0S
– Loaner radios in the EOC, Drone insurance?

Public Service: Nothing yet in 2022. Wil be posted as they come.
Med City is currently in planning.

Contesting: K4IU
Last weekend was RTTY Roundup
UHF contest this weekend
Feb 5th: MN QSO party
NAQPCW this weekend also.
See HAMSTER newsletter for more.

FM Simplex for 146.550MHz 446.00MHz 50.170MHz USB for Jan VHF contest, starting 1PM Saturday to 10PM Sunday.
Exchange: Calls, 4char maidenhead grid square (EN34 / EN33)
Coordinate on 147.255 for availability or text.

Parks On The Air: K0GMK, No actively lately. POTA site in Rochester, Douglas Trail near IBM.

Dues: They’re due!
ARES: No in-person meeting this month. Play around with simplex at 9AM on Rochester 255 repeater
Working with Red Cross and Salvation Army. Interests in WinLink in RC. SA has 800MHz supposedly.
Members for ARES need to fill out new form to make sure we know who is active.

Old Business: Site selection for Remote Station; 125Live possibility.
New Business: Decals for RARC, 5×5 and 4×4 Decals, could make order. Consider: $10 credit to dues for bringing someone else in.