Meeting Minutes, April 2022

W0STV called meeting to order: 6:30pm

Vice President (K0SIR) has resigned, looking for a new VP for remainder of 2022. Contact Steve W0STV

Secretary report: On website

Treasurer’s report: N0UM

Report  2022-Apr    

Opening Balance: $ 4,973.76
Dues: $ 180.00
PayPal Dues: $ 120.00
Raffle: $ 11.00
United Way:
Donation: $ 15.00
RPU: $ 47.11
Meeting Food $ 19.37
Paypal charges $ 4.36
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 5,228.92

Opening Balance: $ 9,821.88
Interest: $ 0.08
Closing Balance: $ 9,821.96

Total: $ 15,050.88

Treasurer’s report accepted.

Committee Reports

Tech Committee: 147.255 repeater, sensitivity down, avoid using. Tech request is in the works.

146.820 repeater is primary until further notice!

Consider unlinking the 146.625 repeater (FM only perhaps, as a backup)

County has two duplexers that we could use; Storing these at 820 site for the moment. May use in ARES trailer repeater

Bulk supply order: if someone has an order they want to put in, could be put out as a club request. Combine orders. If bigger orders, can collaborate.

ARES trailer might need some shelving

Talked about remote station, 125Live (need experienced folks, keep station easy-to-use). Talk with W0STV

John Marshall HS: Some issues, attempt to keep going.

W0STV is looking at cabinetry for 125Live station

Public Service:

Med City Marathon (May) and Rochesterfest Parade (June); Go to website. Need participants! Contact W0STV and KF0S.

Contesting: K4IU

Sunspots are high, solar flux >140.

Middle of May, upcoming QSO parties.

Parks-On-The-Air; This summer! Consider 20m dipoles! Easy to get into!

POTA awards for contacts, etc.


State monthly email next month.

Olmsted ARES: W0STV

NWS training, 6:30pm at the Convention Center next to Apache Mall (Empire Convention Center)

Wear Olmsted County Skywarn shirts if you have them!

Saturday Skywarn Training / ARES training: 9AM at Fire Station #2

Check GPS for ARES/SKYWARN use! Get on APRS this weekend and Steve will add.

Update your info with Olmsted ARES on website.

Fillmore ARES/Skywarn training: April 23rd

Field Day: Taylor Ballman WB0RSJ, Field Day Coordinator

Sunday Night ARES Net schedule updated through 2023

WinLink: Send a message to W0STV to check connectivity.

John Marshall HS: KE0WNH

2 students very interested in taking the test, going through practice questions. 8th hour / Rocket hour

Membership dues: Pay if you haven’t!

Introductions, etc.

Amazon Smile: Sign up if you are buying through Amazon!

Meeting closed 7:20pm