January 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Called to order
Dec 2021 Minutes accepted (W0MN, KC0P Seconded)

Treasurer’s report received (N0UM)
W0STV motion to approve, KE0YJJ seconded

Report 2022-Jan

Opening Balance: $8,868.92
Dues: $250.00
PayPal Dues: $510.00
Raffle: $11.00
United Way:
RPU: $51.27
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $18.04
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Insurance $323.20
Web Domain
Postage $146.00
Closing Balance: $9,101.41

Opening Balance: $4,821.72
Interest: $0.04
Closing Balance: $4,821.76

Total: $13,923.17

Tech Committee: KF0S
– Remote site, work in progress
– Inventory still ongoing- Repeaters (some work?)
– Anyone looking to volunteer, contact KF0S
– Loaner radios in the EOC, Drone insurance?

Public Service: Nothing yet in 2022. Wil be posted as they come.
Med City is currently in planning.

Contesting: K4IU
Last weekend was RTTY Roundup
UHF contest this weekend
Feb 5th: MN QSO party
NAQPCW this weekend also.
See HAMSTER newsletter for more.

FM Simplex for 146.550MHz 446.00MHz 50.170MHz USB for Jan VHF contest, starting 1PM Saturday to 10PM Sunday.
Exchange: Calls, 4char maidenhead grid square (EN34 / EN33)
Coordinate on 147.255 for availability or text.

Parks On The Air: K0GMK, No actively lately. POTA site in Rochester, Douglas Trail near IBM.

Dues: They’re due!
ARES: No in-person meeting this month. Play around with simplex at 9AM on Rochester 255 repeater
Working with Red Cross and Salvation Army. Interests in WinLink in RC. SA has 800MHz supposedly.
Members for ARES need to fill out new form to make sure we know who is active.

Old Business: Site selection for Remote Station; 125Live possibility.
New Business: Decals for RARC, 5×5 and 4×4 Decals, could make order. Consider: $10 credit to dues for bringing someone else in.