ARES Net Notes 6/30/2019

  • 10 meter net is canceled this week
  • There’s a Tech Committee meeting on Tuesday
  • W0STV
    • We’ll try frequency counting our radios at the picnic
    • Need weather spotters on standby for the 4th of July to give heads up if the celebrations are evacuated
    • APRS monitoring next Sunday, send a ping and get recorded!
    • Down by the Riverside concerts – July 14 is the first one, please contact N0KZO to sign up!
    • KC0NPF – The club meeting this month is the Picnic at KOA camp ground
  • AA0CN – There will be swap meet activity at the picnic, bring your buy/sell gear or some $$

ARES Net notes 6/23/2019

  • AA0CN: A black backpack was found at the SSB station, if it belongs to you contact K0VH
  • W0TMP: asked if the Winlink gateway is defined on the Winlink system (does it appear on the Winlink site map?) Has anyone connected? W0STV replied software-wise the node is having issues and may not be responding correctly at this time.
  • W0STV: Saturday is the Rochesterfest Parade at/near Soldiers Field. We have 9 operators signed up. Operators please be on-site by 1:30PM using 147.255 repeater (as .625 is in need of repair).
  • W0STV: Thursday is the RARC Social at Wildwood, please RSVP to W0STV so we can be sure we have enough seats.
  • KC0P: Field day was pretty good time from the VHF/UHF perspective. Equipment was working and we successfully completed a Satellite contact (possibly the first in the last 15 years). Worked 40 contacts on 6m using FT8.
  • AA0CN: Field Day was better than expected from weather and atmospheric conditions. Thanks to all who helped, especially with cleanup!

ARES Net Notes 6/16/2019

  • N0HZN said thank you to all who participated in the.
  • W0STV announced Tuesday at 7:15PM there will be a net on 146.625 to finalize field day plans. Please drop by and do what you can to help.
  • W0STV announced we could use additional assistance with the Rochesterfest Parade, if you’re considering going, bring a radio and help out?
  • The 146.67 winlink node is being updated/upgraded and should become operation on or after Tuesday this week.

RARC monthly Meeting – July 9, 2019 @ 5:00 PM – Summer Picnic

This month’s meeting will be held at KOA Campground beginning at 5PM
Hosts: Roger and Barbara Philip – W0KOA & KB0KOA
5232 65th Avenue SE
Rochester, MN 55904

Please consider bringing a dish to pass and bring your own beverages for this event! The RARC will be supplying pulled pork sandwiches from HyVee for dinner

Contact Bob, K0SIR@ARRL.NET with meeting ideas or suggestions for future meetings!

ARES Net Notes 6/9/2019

  • W0STV: Winlink node is down for maintainence
  • N0HZN: Believe in Me Bike Ride is next Saturday, need 2-3 more people to sign up!
  • KC0NPF: Club meeting is Tuesday, KC0CJP will be presenting
  • AA0CN: Announced that Field Day preparations are nearly complete. Please sign up to operate. Station leads please check the Field Day equipment inventory.
  • AA0CN: Still need a 24ft or longer trailer to transport antennas, contact AA0CN.
  • AA0CN: Planning meetings for Field Day are 7:15PM on Tuesdays on 146.625 (except this week because of the club meeting).
  • Skywarn review notes:
    • Great job overall.
    • Think twice before you make a non-severe report during intense portions of the Skywarn net. The frequency needs to be available for severe reports!
    • During an active net only check in when you’re actually available to deploy OR actively observe from your location.
    • Net control will be working with the county EOC to determine when pre-staging or standby checkins are appropriate.

RARC Social at Wildwood – June 27, 2019

The RARC holds a social event the last Thursday of each month at Wildwood. Plenty of parking and the food is great. We average around 7 to 10 people, and we have had as many as 13. We meet around 5:30 pm. We have been leaving around 7:30. We discuss anything and everything. It is very informal. Hams that you have not seen at meetings or public service events have shown up. Come and join us bring the family have some drink some eats and have a good time.

PLEASE RSVP by 12:00 NOON on Thursday