2022 Field Day Sign-Up

Dave and Drew on the radio at Field Day in 2021.

Field Day is coming up on June 25th and 26th this year. Like last year, the Rochester Amateur Radio Club is holding the event at W0BM’s farm and running as a Class 2A club. If you are unable to make it out there, you can still participate from home and submit your points with the Club.

There is a sign-up sheet on Google Docs (https://tinyurl.com/39cbjsxm) for time slots on the different stations. There are also sign-up spots for setup, tear down and dinner (help gage the amount of food needed) on that document.

More information can be found on June’s edition of the RARC Hamster (page 4) and on the RARCHams Groups.IO.

Thank you to Taylor (WB0RSJ) for putting this year’s Field Day together for the RARC! We look forward to seeing you out there!

Field Day Score Analysis 2021

The point of Field Day isn’t necessarily to achieve the highest score. The socialization with friends, emergency preparedness, and fun-factors can’t be quantified in a chart. That said, I got a little nerdy and took a look at Field Day scores since 2002 (when I became a ham) for the RARC. I noted some cool trends. These are the factors I believe are contributing to what we see in the chart above.

  • Bonus points have become more available, and we’ve become MUCH better at achieving the various bonuses.
  • The high-power years, denoted by the 1’s along the X axis labels, have been relatively inefficient at converting QSO’s to points. The flip side of this is that running high power is a LOT of fun, you can talk to literally anyone you can hear.
  • Class 3A seems to be our sweet spot. Not shown on this chart is our overall ranking in-class, but we always do best in 3A. There are many 2A clubs which absolutely dominate our QSO rate. 4A and 5A have been tried and were completely ineffective at raising our QSO count, most likely because its hard to staff additional transmitters for 24 hours.
  • Crazy high CW QSO rates have a multiplicative effect on our overall score. 2012 we ranked 2nd in the nation in class 3A partly because we had some serious CW contesters at the helm.

The club will most likely average around 2000 QSOS in 2022, assuming we continue with 3A and the level of participation we’ve had. If we’re interested in maximizing our score we could:

  • Grab every bonus point we can get
  • Keep all 3 stations active throughout the 24 hours to raise the QSO count
  • Maximize usage of the higher bands as they are available
  • Methodically work different regions of the country as bands change
  • “Run” as much as possible vs search-and-pounce. We’ve had great club presentations on the use of these two strategies.
  • Maximize CW and Digital contacts, remember its 1 transmitter per Mode/Band combo, transmitters can change modes at will as long as we never have more than one on the same band/mode. As much as I personally dislike FT8, it may be one key to increasing digital QSO rates. Also it doesn’t require a ton of operator interaction, clicking a few things every minute or two is sufficient to keeping the contacts rolling in.
  • Maximize GOTA contacts, especially the ones associated with bonus points but every one counts!

Field Day 2021

Field Day 2021 was held out at Pat Cahill’s farm located at 69520 270th Avenue, Kasson, MN 55944 on June 26th & 27th, 2021. We ran 2 stations (2A) this year and used N1MM for logging.

We followed all current CDC COVID-19 protocols and recommendations regarding masks and sanitization. For those who operated, it ias recommended they bring their own headset and microphone, but wipes were available for use also. We used an ICOM 7600 and an ICOM 9100 for the 2 station radios.

This year’s coordinator was Steve Wiebke, WØSTV.

Field Day 2020

Thanks to everyone who participated in Field Day this year, either at the club site or individually!
We will be holding a Scoring net on the Rochester 147.255 repeater at 8PM on Monday June 29th. This would be a great place to ask questions or get clarifications on scoring or the log submission process!
Please remember to use our club “contest club” identifier for club/group name: “Rochester (MN) ARC


ARRL Log Submission Page

Field Day 2020

As Field Day approaches, the Rochester Amateur Radio Club is adapting to the situation!

Field Day this year will focus heavily on individual operators, but we will have a club station at our regular meeting place, the EOC in the basement of the Rochester Fire Station #2 off of Viola Road. The ARES trailer will be available on Saturday (while observing safe social distancing of course), and we may activate the EOC Radio Room as well. Operators are encouraged to bring their own equipment and set up field-deplorable stations and exercise their go-kits under the club callsign (K0T) as well!

Below is a Sign-Up and Coordination sheet. If you would like to operate under K0T as a 1F operator, please sign up under the 1F column. 1F operators may use the ARES trailer setup, or may bring their own equipment! We can also use the ARES trailer as a GOTA station, so if you are interested in operating as a GOTA station (or know someone who is), please sign up under the GOTA column to reserve a slot. Non-Hams, Technicians, and those who are not active on HF are encouraged to sign up for GOTA!


Goals for this year:

  • Get as many home stations on the air as possible (HF as well as VHF/UHF, under your own callsign and submitted individually using club name “Rochester (MN) ARC” for scoring)
  • Provide opportunity for technicians, non-Hams, and interested members to operate at K0T club station
  • Provide opportunities for members to exercise their portable and field-deployable setups at the EOC
  • Practice safe social-distancing by distributing operators throughout the day, and avoid having too many people at K0T at one time
  • Have fun!

The Club Stations will be cleaned between each operator shift by the outgoing operator (instructions/supplies will be provided)

Masks are required at all times while not operating (still highly recommended for operating), gloves are optional but not required
Attempt to maintain 6′ separation
Only one person per station at a time (must operate and log), GOTA will be coached with acceptable social distance

Operators MUST bring their own:

  • Pens or pencils and note pads (Log sheets will be provided for individuals)
  • Keyboard (USB) for computer logging/Digital (if you prefer)
  • Headphones, if desired (2.5mm or 1/4″ jack)

Operators are REQUESTED to bring their own:

  • ICOM-compatible Microphones or headsets
  • Keys, bugs, or paddles
  • Chairs, Water, Snacks

We will also be advocating the use of VHF and UHF for local contacts! This will give all license classes a way to participate, and we are considering intra-club competitions on VHF/UHF as well.

We will be holding the following informal contests within our club. Please e-mail your logs to AA0CN or participate in the Scoring Net to participate:
– Most VHF/UHF contacts made (all modes count, all radios)
– Most simplex contacts made on an HT, VHF/UHF Voice (stock or handheld-portable antennas, no mounted/fixed antennas!)
– Highest individual score for each class and license level
– NTS Traffic Scavenger Hunt: Whoever copies the most NTS traffic sent between club members (Using ARRL RadioGram Format)

Good VHF frequencies to use would be 146.520, 146.550, and 146.580. Good times would be on the hour (top, or bottom of the hour), specifically hours divisible by 3 (12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12am, etc.).

We will have a persistent Field Day Coordination Net on the Rochester 147.255 repeater (P.L. Tone 100 Hz) throughout the event, yielding to any severe weather/SKYWARN events or ARES activations.

People may participate as individuals under their own callsign, at the club station under the club callsign K0T, or both! Just make sure to keep the logs separate, and that transmitter restrictions are in place (see rule snippet below). We will have a scoring help net/session afterwards to make sure all individual scores are submitted correctly for those who have never done it before.

Other items of note:
For Field Day 2020, operators from their home stations (Class D) will be able to work other home stations for points!
For scoring, individual operators can operate under their own callsigns, but list a club affiliation for an additional collective club score. We will be encouraging all RARC members who operate individually to enlist with our club score!

6. Miscellaneous Rules:
6.1. A person may not contact for QSO credit any station from which they also participate.

6.2. A transmitter/receiver/transceiver used to contact one or more Field Day stations may not subsequently be used under any other callsign to participate in Field Day. Family stations are exempt provided the subsequent callsign used is issued to and used by a different family member.

See here for details on rule changes for 2020: http://www.arrl.org/news/temporary-rule-waivers-announced-for-2020-arrl-field-day

Field Day 2019 – June 21-23, 2019

The Rochester Amateur Radio Club hosted a Field Day event at Schaeffer Academy June 22-23rd, open to the public from Noon to 9PM on Saturday, and from 9AM to Noon Sunday.

This post will be updated with photos and scores as they become available!

Field Day is ham radio’s open house! Every June, more than 40,000 hams throughout North America set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio’s science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. It combines public service, emergency preparedness, community outreach, and technical skills all in a single event. Members of the public are welcome to come and learn about Ham Radio with voice, digital, morse/cw, and mobile stations being operated, and even try it out as guest radio operators under expert guidance at our “Get On The Air” station during this free event!

Field Day 2016

Friday June 24th ~ Setup begins @ noon. 

  • Saturday June 25th – Sunday June 26th ~ Field Day Operations
  • Saturday Evening Dinner
  • Sunday ~ Teardown 

RARC Field Day Call Sign K7Z

K – dah-di-dah

7 – dah-dah-di-di-dit

Z – dah-dah-di-dit

  • Safety Officer N0KZO, Daniel Musall
    • Coordination with camp ranger and scouting activities 
    • Check-Ins 147.255+ 100.0Hz 147.855
    • Camp rules and protocols
    • Attendance log will be maintained 
    • First-Aid kits 
    • Lighting 
    • Fire Extinguishers 
    • Banner 
    • Portable Facilities 
  • Equipment manager ~ Transfers & Logistics (Lead) W0STV, Steve Wiebke
    • Beam antennas from Pat Cahill’s property 
    • Military antenna masts from Pat Cahill’s property
    • Black RARC trailer
    • ARES trailer Stored at Firehouse
  • Food and Beverages 
    • General snacks and beverages N0KZO, Daniel Musall
    • Saturday lunch KE0EMJ, Kelly Boles
    • Saturday evening dinner KE0EMJ, Kelly Boles
    • Sunday breakfast KE0EMJ, Kelly Boles
  • Special Endeavors / Bonus Points KA0MYG, John Dalin,  K0VH, Dave Naatz
    • Satellite 
    • Solar
  • Amy Ransom Public Official Educational activities for the Scouts Press Release 

This page is the responsibility of the Field Day Chairperson.