Meeting Minutes, September 2022

Meeting order Reversed, starting with new EOC manager for program

Kyle Mirehouse, Rochester EM director, started in June

City took EM department out of FD and moved into Administration

Focus on Preparedness and Recovery

Exercise on Halloween at RST Airport; Full virtual observation portal. City, County, Airport in one. Derived 180p aircraft Mass Casualty Incident

Currently capable of using DLAN and WebEOC systems

Lots of Q/A, thanks Kyle!

Business part of mtg: Started 8:00pm


Technical committee: Meeting 9/12 PM:

  • DSTAR repeater; Needs to be replaced with new repeater, looking for ICOM rebate sometime in the fall. Current cost is ~$1650+tax, rebates usually ~$500, wait until October
  • 255 repeater; County notified. Decorah came in fine, Austin was not
  • Black trailer: Cleaned out, sold one military mast
  • EOC computer; Ready for applications to be installed. New SSD and Video adapter (AA0CN). May need monitor and mouse
  • Laptops discussion to be had.
  • 125Live: New antenna to replace ARES trailer, VHF antenna currently in trailer will go to 125Live. Discussion with Director regarding room, and coax under discussion. Multiband vertical ready to go in.\

Contesting, K4IU:

  • This weekend, Ham Virtual Exo (QSO Today). Vendors, ARRL, etc.
  • CQWW RTTY contest coming up at end of month

Secretary’s Report:

  • No notes from August meeting, picnic


  • Training this Saturday on FLDIGI, video and Show-And–Tell
  • Delta Frequency (MN VHF Frequency Pool), hands-on training
  • State 800MHz trailer out/deploy, can set up if/when needed.

Treasurer’s report N0UM:


Opening Balance: $ 5,312.35
PayPal Dues:
Raffle: $ 17.00
United Way:
RPU: $ 51.66
Meeting Food $ 17.98
Paypal charges
Field Day: Food $ 216.37
Equipment $ 28.06
Tower Lease
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 5,015.28

Opening Balance: $ 9,822.20
Interest: $ 0.08
Closing Balance: $ 9,822.28

Total: $ 14,837.56


Opening Balance: $ 5,015.28
PayPal Dues: $ 90.00
Equipment Sold $ 878.00
United Way:
Amazon: $ 46.31
RPU: $ 50.12
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $ 3.27
Tower Climber
Field Day
Picnic $ 154.55
Equipment $ 180.46
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 5,641.19

Opening Balance: $ 9,822.28
Interest: $ 0.08
Closing Balance: $ 9,822.36

Total: $ 15,436.55

Programs: Melissa KE0WNH

Radio Astronomy next month, professor coming to describe what can be done with Radio Astronomy

EOC Computer: Refurbished, ready to load apps.

Old Business:

AA0CN two years membership for SSD and work KF0S proposed, K0VH seconded.

Roger and Barb free membership : $35 check for use of campground + 1yr family membership, W0STV + K0VH seconded

If interested in Drone, Diji drone, contact Eric KF0S.

New Business:

RARC Educational Program: Next Thursday, K0VH New Hams education. “How to get Ham License”, target new/prospective Hams.

125Live: Need approval LMR240 UltraFlex. Ready to start pulling when we get it. HRO $1.14/ft, others similar. 12x PL259 connectors (crimp). + ~300ft of coax, total ~$400 at HRO. Motion to buy: K0VH made, seconded Dennis. We have some money set aside from the IBM amp (SB220).

John Marshall (KE0WNH): School started, first official club meeting Tuesday after next week. Students seem excited! Meeting after school, 3:30s on Tuesdays. Fox Hunt gear and other stuff, should be fun.

New Laptops:

Purchased on good sale, can get 12V DC Power supplies for them. Club seeking approval? Just under $1000 for three of these. Motion passed.

July 30th 1971 QST: RARC founded in 1931. 50th anniversary. AC0W Bill, to present our anniversary!

Meeting closed at 8:42pm


RARC Monthly Meeting – May 14,2019 @ 6:30 PM – Contesting and DX

This month’s presentation will be DXing and Contesting by Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, the 2019 ARRL Radiosport and Field Services Manager. Bart’s career in Amateur Radio dates back to 1985 when he joined the ARRL as editor of the Repeater Directory. He’s held positions including Awards manager and manager of the VEC program. Bart has also worked in the private sector in Emergency Medical Services and IT.

Bart will be presenting via Teleconference, don’t miss the May 14th meeting as we build our contesting knowledge with an eye towards Field Day!

RARC Monthly Meeting – March 12th, 2019 @ 6:30 PM – Noah Chelliah

Meeting Materials

The Rochester Amateur Radio Club (RARC) monthly meeting is at 6:30 p.m on the second Tuesday of every month, at the Rochester Fire Station No. 2  Emergency Operations Center (EOC, south side basement entrance)

Feel free to join us for an optional social dinner before at 5pm at Whistle Binkies North, voted best bar in Minnesota!

Contact BJ, KC0NPF@gmail with your club meeting ideas and suggestions for future meetings!