ARES Net notes 5/19/2019

  • AA0CN is still looking for a 24ft trailer or vehicle to haul antenna elements. Contact AA0CN
  • Field day schedule and plans are available.
  • The 10 meter net from now until Field Day will contain discussion about the logistics and setup of Field Day.
  • N0HZN announced that positions are still open for the Med City marathon. If you’re new, please sign up and mention that you are new, we’ll pair you with an experienced operator so you can enjoy and learn together.

ARES Net Notes 5/12/2019

  • N0HZN mentioned we could use a couple more people for the Stay out of the Sun run this Friday.
  • W0STV announced May 20, Fillmore ARES is doing an ID training course in Spring Valley. This course is related to identifying volunteers during a disaster response. Please sign up for this event if you plan to attend.
  • W0STV announced Thursday through Sunday is the Dayton Hamvention. Many discounts will be available for ham gear both online and at Hamvention during this event period.
  • KC0NPF announced the club meeting for this month.
  • AA0CN announced our Field Day setup begins Friday the 21st.
  • Field Day sign ups are up! We need to confirm who’s equipment will be used.
  • We are looking for a scoring coordinator, to collect the various sources of points from all stations as well as bonus points. Contact AA0CN
  • AA0CN is still seeking a 24ft trailer for hauling our antenna elements. We have one possible lead but it will require a truck capable of towing a 5th wheel to use. Contact AA0CN

ARES Net Notes 4/28/2019