ARES Net Notes 5/12/2019

  • N0HZN mentioned we could use a couple more people for the Stay out of the Sun run this Friday.
  • W0STV announced May 20, Fillmore ARES is doing an ID training course in Spring Valley. This course is related to identifying volunteers during a disaster response. Please sign up for this event if you plan to attend.
  • W0STV announced Thursday through Sunday is the Dayton Hamvention. Many discounts will be available for ham gear both online and at Hamvention during this event period.
  • KC0NPF announced the club meeting for this month.
  • AA0CN announced our Field Day setup begins Friday the 21st.
  • Field Day sign ups are up! We need to confirm who’s equipment will be used.
  • We are looking for a scoring coordinator, to collect the various sources of points from all stations as well as bonus points. Contact AA0CN
  • AA0CN is still seeking a 24ft trailer for hauling our antenna elements. We have one possible lead but it will require a truck capable of towing a 5th wheel to use. Contact AA0CN