Fall Technician License Class – Starts October 19 @ 10:00AM

Our next Technician Class starts October 19th. The class runs three consecutive Saturdays from 10 a.m. to approximately 5 p.m.

The class is $25, and students need to obtain the ARRL License Manual, Fourth Edition, and start reading Chapters 1-4. We will cover most of the information in these chapters on the first day. We’ve been doing very well this year. I had a very full class in the spring, and three in my summer class. However, for each class, I have had many people discussed that never made it to the class. If your friends weren’t able to attend, here’s another try!

Recommended Training for ARES Members

The following self-directed courses are available for free through FEMA.
ARES members are encouraged to take them in order to get familiarized with the Incident Command System in use nationally.

MN ARES also recommends the following courses: