WØMXW 146.82 MHz FM Repeater

The WØMXW 146.82 MHz repeater is owned and operated by the RARC club and provides reliable amateur radio communications for a wide area including Rochester, Olmsted county and southeast Minnesota area. The repeater is located at an elevated site approximately two miles west of the center of Rochester and uses a hair-pin style commercial VHF antenna at 275 feet AGL on a tower that is 1204 feet AMSL.

In August, 2003, the RARC club purchased a new Advanced Communication Systems KRP 5000 Repeater with the following features: CAT 1000 Controller, ED 1000 Windows Editor for the CAT 1000, DR-1000B Digital Voice Recorder, DL-1000 Audio Delay Board and CTCSS Board. The new repeater is currently in operation with a transmitter output power of approximately 100 watts.

This is the primary social repeater for Rochester.

Repeater User Functions

The following user functions are available on the WØMXW 146.82 repeater. Each user function is activated by keying a 3 digit DTMF tone control code on a 2 meter radio operating on the 146.82 repeater frequency.

Repeater User FunctionCodeDescription
Time400Announces current time.
Echo725*Echo function allows user to record and play back a sample of received audio of up to 7 seconds. Enter the 725 control code followed by a “*” key. Release your PTT key following the “*” key. You will then hear the repeater say “Start test now.” Key your PTT and begin speaking for up to 7 seconds. When your transmitter PTT switch is released, the repeater will beep and then play back the test audio message.
DTMF Keypad Test375To test your radio DTMF tone keypad, press your PTT on your transmitter and press the DTMF buttons or keys that you wish to test. Release your PTT and the repeater will read back, in audio voice, all of the keys that were decoded.
Current Temperature70030The current outside temperature at the repeater site will be provided by the repeater in an audio voice.
Maximum and Minimum Temperatures For The Day70032The maximum and minimum outside temperatures for the day at the repeater site will be provided by the repeater in an audio voice.

Please enter the repeater user function control codes slowly and carefully.

If there are any problems using the repeater user functions or if the repeater does not appear to be operating correctly, please contact John, NØHZN.