WØMXW 146.625 MHz FM Repeater

The WØMXW 146.625 Mhz, owned by the RARC club, is located on the top of a Mayo Clinic building in downtown Rochester. At a height of 290 feet AGL, the repeater provides excellent coverage of central Rochester.

In December, 2003, the RARC club purchased a new Advanced Communication Systems KRP 5000 Repeater with the following features: CAT 1000 Controller, ED 1000 Windows Editor for the CAT 1000, DR-1000B Digital Voice Recorder, DL-1000 Audio Delay Board and CTCSS Board. A new antenna and feedline was also installed on top of the Mayo Clinic building. The new repeater is currently in operation with a transmitter output power of approximately 100 watts.

Repeater User Functions

The following user functions are availble on the WØMXW 146.625 repeater. Each user function is activated by keying a 3 digit DTMF tone control code.

Repeater User FunctionCodeDescription
Time400Announces current time.
Echo725*Echo function allows user to record and play back a sample of received audio of up to 7 seconds. Enter the 725 control code followed by a “*” key. Release your PTT key following the “*” key. You will then hear the repeater say “Start test now.” Key your PTT and begin speaking for up to 7 seconds. When your transmitter PTT switch is released, the repeater will beep and then play back the test audio message.
DTMF Keypad Test375To test your radio DTMF tone keypad, press your PTT on your transmitter and press the DTMF buttons or keys that you wish to test. Release your PTT and the repeater will read back, in audio voice, all of the keys that were decoded.