RARC Meeting Jan 9th 2018

Meeting called to order by Andrew KC0CJP at 6:31PM

Treasurer’s report:


Opening Balance: 10359.99


+ Dues: 130.0


– RPU 48.02

– Drone Supplies: 824.21

– PO Box: 90.00

Closing Balance: 9,527.76


Opening Balance: 4,820.05


+ Interest: 0.04

Closing Balance: 4,820.09

Total: 14,347.85

Can pay dues online: button could be larger!

Tech Committee:

meeting next Tuesday night 6:30

Public Service:

Frozen Goose race Feb 3rd

Fat Tire race Feb24th?

More to be posted as dates form.


Saturday BUG event 9-11AM at Fire Station #2

Winter Field Day Jan 27th 10AM-6PM, bring food for potluck!

ARRL New ARES program: “ARES Connect”, need ID# with ARRL (Group in National ARES org), need to check in individually with profiles, requirements(?)

ARMY MARS certification for Olmsted ARES in March. Need one more individual to get 3 for certification as Club MARS.

Simplex frequencies are enacted to match the state ARES simplex

WINLINK e-mail is encouraged. winlink.org

Sunday night nets starting in February 11th; Start to Rotate, Odd Sundays (1st, 3rd, and 5th) on .255, 2nd Sunday on 625, 4th sun .82 used.

Suggested to use that weeks “net” for general traffic.

ARES applications being taken (new ones)

VE Test session Feb 8th

Jan 1st: new Tech pool questions, to be implemented July 1st.

Contesting (K4IU):

RTTY Roundup

Na2p North American QSO party

CW this weekend

Phone contest 2 weeks from this week

National Contest Journal: K0MD’s first edition: New and young contesters

MN QSO party: Feb 4th, link in Newsletter: See w0aa.org

Education: No classes until spring, see Community Education

Old Business:

Will be talking about Silent Key process

K0VH has process from previous meeting in October. Ready to go out on website. W0STV made motion, Seconded, motion passed. K0VH to send AA0CN link for website. New Categories “Join”, “Become Member”, “Pay Dues”

New Business:

10M net was successful a while back, e-mail to go out on Yahoo Groups. 7PM on Tuesdays.

Steve W0STV a year older, brought chocolate!

Field Day (AA0CN):

Century High School best option? Can check with Menards (Dan tried before without luck)

Gamehaven Scout Reservation as tertiary backup

K0Z name is reseved (thanks KE0EMJ)



Reminder to pay dues!


Motion to adjourn @ 6:58PM

Raffle: $22 in, $11 out.

Pat: Program on Computerized battery analyzer


Respectfully submitted,

-Collin AA0CN


Meeting Minutes Feb 13thMeeting to order  @ 6:33PM Treasurer’s report:Balance: 9527.76Credits:Dues: 590.00IBM: 11.003mo of Raffles: 48.00Debits:RPU 49.02Drone Supplies 12.38Closing Balance: 1115.36Savings:Opening Balance: 4820.09Credits:Interest: 0.03Closing balance:4820.12Total Balance: 14395.48 January Minutes submitted by AA0CN Tech: K0MYGPhone conference every other meeting?146.820 machine: no update, John Scott not presentDSTAR: BJ: Up and running, network connected, activity witnessed. Looking for link/unlink test from reflector. Local user database lost, but logging on brings you into database.Investigate Voting nodes for the 82 machine?Tech Committe discussed being more proactive about checking out the equipment for functionPacket Radio / Winlink: 145.67 node is down for nowRadio at Channel One?Standard CHIP image on the website: http://www.rarchams.org/vhf_uhf_templateSteve/Kelly looking into MARS. Pursuing to End of March. Looking for one more person.Saturday BUG group: Cleanup/organizing. Antenna/SDR project Public Service: Ironwood Challenge, look at websiteLetter: Someone in Oronoco 5k Gold Rush race, 3rd weekend in AugustMay: Stay-out-of-the-sun run Field Day: Collin, AA0CN
Technician Strike Team discussedSchaeffer Academy, probing as location ARES: Steve, W0STVRotating on repeatersChange of Preamble on Feb 1stNet Control Operators wanted, contact Steve W0STVSkywarn training March 19th at Int Convention Center at 6:30PMMN Simplex frequencies posted to website and adopted (VHF/UHF)Signups for ARES available.Is there an IPRS IGate in town? No? Contesting:January was active: VHF, Winter Field Day, MN QSO PartyGo to ARRL website for list Education:Public Education class in May VE Testing: Bob K0SIRTwo to General.Registrations online:Steve is aligning up mentors for newcomersSite is at Red Cross building for now, keep eye on location! W0STV: Keep radios on!Introductions…Adjourn: 7:00PM

Meeting Notes: March 13th

Meeting Started 6:30
Treasurer’s report: George, KD0YOZ
 Opening Balance: 10115.36
    Dues: 200.00
    Raffle: 16.00
    IBM: 4.40
    United Way: 90.00
    Amazon: 14.09
    RPU: 49.61
 Closing Balance: 10390.24
 Opening Balance: 4820.12
 Interest: 0.03
 Closing Balance: 4820.15
Total: 15210.39
Tech Committee: John, KA0MYG
No Meeting held this month
Still working on 82 repeater
Negotiations for tower near Byron ongoing
625 repeater needs some maintenance work, John NZ0S working on it
Public service NZ0S: Nothing, sign up! Dates on website, some still forming.
ARES: Steve, W0STV
VOAD conference, well presented. Pushing Amateur Radio more
KD0ZWM asst MN sec coordinator has PPT Program w. education, free?
ARES members should have NIMS 100b 200b 700a 800b courses (with letters)
ARROW: Operation in cities, CERT/ARES training
SKYWARN: March 19th training
Give Steve APRS / Cell / Car make-model for Storm-Spotting
MDOT: Cleanup for next 3 years? Done after that.
Net Control done April 1st, will need new schedule
BUG Event this Saturday, finish trailer and housekeeping
New Technicians to get radio/voucher idea? Passed to Tech Committee
Red Cross doing in-house training for Ham Radio Operators (part of RC only)
Red Cross Shelter operation training for ARES members?
VOAD meeting Mar14th @ Channel1 3PM
Field Day: Collin, AA0CN
Schaeffer Academy as Location, passed
Safety officer and station leads need designated.
Contesting: Upcoming:
1200z contest
SSB contest
Unique Call contest coming up!
Tech Class starting on April 14th
Old business:  -none-
New business:
Mrs. AB0BW/ Amy: Wants WX warning for events in Red Wing?
Passed on to Red Wing club, in their area moreso.
DSTAR/DPRS->144.39 Digital Position Reporting: AA0CN to put on Website!
Meeting closed

Meeting Minutes April 10th  Meeting to order  @ 6:30PM

Treasurer’s report, George KA0MYG
Open: 10,390.24
Dues: 210.00
Raffle: 12.00
IBM: 2.20
Donaiton: 20.00
PayPal Dues: 728.10
RPU: 49.28
NonProfit Tax: 39.95
Closing Balance: 11,273.31
Open: 4,820.15
Interest: 0.004
Closing Balance: 4,820.19
Total: 16,093.50

Minutes accepted.

Public Service N0HZN:

April 28, 9:00AM: Roadside Cleanup (Last year)

See website for others!

Two extended events:

-Thursdays on First, spotters in field for bad WX

-Sunday Concert In The Park series

Signups thin, please sign up!

Tech Committee: 

TDX-1 Dual Bander as giveaway radio, $60?

Stash of Baofengs, pillage them? Distribute as loaners?

VE Test in May

Antenna analyzer was sent in for service: maybe ~$100?

Motion N0HZN: cache of 6 radios as loaners to new licenses when they attend 1st meeting for 1 year period. When they buy new one, turn it in for next guy. PASSED.

Keys for trailer(s) needed for Tech committee.

625 Repeater off-frequency?


Get Simplex freqs in your radios!

UHF: Delta Echo and Foxtrot for crossbanding to repeaters, see website.

SkyWarn: Test on Thursday this week @ 6:45PM, Test Net on 255 w. APRS

Working with Civil Air Patrol, try to get more of them licensed!

Gary Peterson donated a TNC! Wants work on his 40ft tower in exchange, can do.

WinLink Nodes to go up: VHF simplex. HF one to follow perhaps @ EOC FS#2

Field Day:

RVs/Shelter: lockable for each station/equipment?


April/.May casual contesting months

Some contests, good prep for field day


Class coming up

New Business:

Kelly, Life events KE0PBI finished GED, Steve W0STV retired!

Some old Club stuff was discovered, with signs! Proposal: re-stencil and use.

August Picnic @ KOA again
RCTC launching APRS Balloon

Meeting closed at 7:10

Meeting Minutes May 8th  Meeting to order  @ 6:30PM

Meeting to order  @ 6:30PM

Skip and Frank presented our 3A MN Cup for Field Day

Treasurer’s report:
Opening Balance: $ 11,273.31 
Dues: $       120.00 
Raffle: $         16.00 
IBM: $            8.80 
United Way $       120.00 

RPU: $         50.23 
Equipment Maintence $         48.64 
Closing Balance: $ 11,439.24 

Opening Balance: $   4,820.19 
Interest: $            0.03 
Closing Balance: $   4,820.22 

Total: $ 16,259.46 

Tech Committe: Steve and W0AMB, nothing new

Pub Service:
Med City coming up, sign up!
Field Day / Rochesterfest parade
June 9th: DOT cleanup

Crossbanding in place
VHF WinLink to be in place.
27 ARES members, looking for more!
NIMS courses, take them!

Field Day:
Portable Restroom, passed.
See Field Day page

VHF contest in June

July 14th start; 3 satudays in a row
Special class for C.A.P. in 2 wks
Radios for C.A.P.?

Old business:
RCTC ballon to be launched on Monday: K9ADX-11
Purchase new radios, motion: Threshold; broken/waterdamabe, to be refunded to us. Agreement to be signed for cost of radio if not returned in one year, $200 cap. To be reviewed in 6 months. Passed.

New Business: Steve to help C.A.P. This Saturday. Looking for one other, to be sent on reflector.

Close 7:16- PM

Meeting Minutes June 12th

Meeting to order: 6:33

Treasurers report:
Report 2018-6 
Opening Balance: $ 11,439.24  
Dues: $30.00  
Raffle: $11.50  
IBM: $   2.20  
Amazon: $26.56  
Iron Challenge $50.00  
Raffle Donated $11.50  
RPU: $49.63  
Closing Balance: $ 11,521.37  
Opening Balance: $   4,820.22  
Interest: $   0.04  
Closing Balance: $   4,820.26   
Total: $ 16,341.63 

Minutes: To be uploaded

Tech Committee:
looking at KWWK site
625 to get someone up ot tweak it back in freq
255 repeater callsign change, dropouts intermittent?
UV-5R stock ordered for Newcomers program
EM50 work: Winlink/APRS/ax.25
Trailer: work in progress, getting upgrades done.
Order a ladder mount antenna for trailer? Motion passed.

Public service:
Concerts by the river; doing a good job!
Thurday’s on first ; police central tent, HRO there to interface with storm spotting
ARES: Rochester Alert -> CodeRed alerts
Yahoo Groups: sign up for reflector

Field Day. WalMart Parking Lots On The Air
Mel got into CERN reports with his data!

Old Business: None
New Business: None

Meeting closed, introductions.
AA0CN with Planning/Program on Field Day

Meeting Minutes July 10th

Order at 6:32

Minutes accepted

Public Service:

Steve taking over Concerts in the Park; could use help. 6:30-9:30pm Sundays. Sign up, bring chair, operating on simplex

Boards available, should use them for public service!

M.O.U. with RPD for Thursdays on First, for SKYWARN activity


Quick-deployment improvements on ARES trailer worked well

Taking all stuff out of black trailer to test it.

Fillmore Co. Fair: 2 weeks from now, field station at the fair. Good to help out!

Mel KC0P donated his Mosley. Thank you Mel!

Specs for those found, keep in trailers to put them together correctly

Tech Committee:

No meeting

Proposal for addition to EOC to contact state EOC

Tri-band antenna for 2M/70CM/6M

Field Day: Scores still processing!

Initial Estimate: ~5364

Motion: $150 donation to Schaeffer fund, passed

Motion: $100 gift card to AA0CN, passed

Thanks to ALL who helped!

Treasurer’s Report:


Opening Balance: $11,521.37 


Dues: $30.00 

Raffle: $10.00 

IBM: $2.20 



Team R.E.D.$400.00 

Raffle Donated$10.00 



5 HT radios$175.00 


Closing Balance: $11,682.22 


Opening Balance: $4,820.26 


Interest: $0.04 

Closing Balance: $4,820.30 

Total: $16,502.52 




Class this Saturday, last call!

Red Cross sold, find new place for VE sessions (EOC?)


Last Thursday of month, see website!

Potluck in place of August meeting

To add swap section to FaceBook page

Old/New Business:

MedARES, Genrose building to be extended. New antenna for building? ~$150? Motion to buy: passed.

SMARTFEST in Cologne Community Center, Sept 22nd.

Frontenac: ListeningTX Event, MN DX club, in Frontenac state park This Saturday, 10AM-5PM

28th July; Radio Garage Sale W0MEX

Fox Hunt in August?

Sept 30th Mayo Bounce Day

Introductions & meeting closed 7:17PM

Program: HF Compromise Antennas

August Meeting: RARC Picnic @ KOAInformal Business meeting: Thank You to Schaeffer for Field Day, work on repeaters discussed.Fox hunt activity! Thanks W0STV and AB0BW!
Food, thanks KC0CJP and others! 

Meeting Minutes: September 11, 2018:

RARC Meeting Minutes – September 2018

Meeting called to order by President at 630pm, 23 present.
Treasurer’s Report
Get breakdown from George. $1147. Savings $4820.  $16294 total Aug.
$1654 current total.
Minutes from last month’s meeting
Short meeting at picnic, minutes posted.

Technical Committee Report: Mayo engineers 625. Rcvr off freq, not sensitive. Xmtr was off 2khz. Modulation out of spec.  18w power. Cans need tuning.         Need to do this on 82 now too.  Motion for 2 techs that did this on own time to give them $200 in food gift certificates as thanks.

Public Service:  Sunday is half marathon 12mi run, need 3 more to help.  Kelly talked Bounce Day Sep 30 Sunday.  Watch future emails for final info.

ARES: W0STV out.
Field Day:  AA0CN out.  Need rep for FD2019 working with Colin.
Contesting:  VHF about done, HF ramping up.
Education: K0RGR has only 1 signup Sep 29 last Sat via Comm Ed.
Social Gatherings:  Last Thurs of month.
Old business:  None

New business:  Start planning for Christmas party, Dooleys or Victorias TBD.  Dec 11.  Oct program is K0MD Nat’l Contesting Journal.
-Dan N0SPN discussed operations.
Meeting adjourned

Program for this month was on Propagation. K9LA Karl on via Skype. Mel KC0P.

Meeting Minutes October 9th, 2018

Treasurer’s Report    2018-10    

Opening Balance:             $ 11,423.54
Dues:             $         30.00
United Way             $         75.00
Raffle:             $                –  
IBM:             $         13.20
Amazon:             $                –  

John Scott    repairs         $         85.54
Drew Naatz    picnic food         $         86.65
Kelly Boles    med antenna         $       144.90
RPU             $         52.87
Closing Balance:             $ 11,171.78

Opening Balance:             $   4,820.37
Interest:             $            0.03
Closing Balance:             $   4,820.40

Total:             $ 15,992.18

Tech committee:

  • Ken Jones asks Rochester EOC to be alternate location for SKYWARN
  • Beam antenna for State EOC communications discussed
  • 146.820 location: Storm killed power to location, 82 is dead/down. KE0PBI investigating, otherwise insurance can cover.
  • Request in for more headsets: Max of 8 is goal (operator and logger for each location)
  • Trailer should be used more often, use for more events, members to sign out and be in charge of trailer

Pub Service: Roadside cleanup
 good til Feb
 ARES: 9AM-12PMOCt 13th SET, many counties involvedMN ARES website has ICS formsAny other ideas for SET, let Steve W0STV know
 Field Day:Looking for a coordinator!
 Contesting: Program to address


  • Class wrapping up this Saturday
  • Next Session April 20th
  • November 1st VE Test Session at Rochester EOC

 Social Gatherings: Dooley’s Pub at Dec 11 2018Wildwood on last Thurs of monthWhistle Binkies on club nights
 FCC/Baofeng sale fiasco, keep an eye on itNew battery for 82 repeater

Meeting Minutes November 13th 2018:

Meeting to order 6:33PM

Treasurer’s report 2018-11:
    Opening Balance:             $ 11,171.78 
    United Way:            
    Raffle:             $         10.00 
    IBM:             $            4.40 
    Amazon:             $         16.15           
    Shaeffer Academy             $       150.00 
    Steve Wiebke     682 battery         $         95.57 
    Mercer Consumer    Insurance         $       286.00 
    RPU             $         50.07 
  Closing Balance:             $ 10,620.69 

  Opening Balance:             $   4,820.40 
    Interest:             $            0.04 
  Closing Balance:             $   4,820.44           
Total:             $ 15,441.13

Minutes posted to website for September & October

Tech Committee:

  • 82 repeater is fixed
  • Waiting on 625 tweaks, pager traffic interference
  • Gonda building going up 11 floors by 2022

Public Service:

  • Believe-In-Me bike ride june15
  • Frozen goose run in February sometime, watch website
  • DOT contract for cleanup is done


  • 2019 new direction; ARES connect, national network for individuals/accounts in national database for capabilities. Webinar on Thursday.
  • ARES training this winter. Winlink, fldigi, etc. BuG group playing with ATV 9AM-11AM
  • VOAD meeting on 28th at Ch1 food bank
  • Field Day 2019: looking for coordinator to assist AA0CN
  • Winter field day: Jan26/27th weekend. Coordinator this year?


  • This weekend; ARRL Phone sweepstakes
  • 8th December: 10m contest
  • 15th December: 160m contest

Education: Next class in Spring

Old/New business:

  • Pay for KOA, picnic? Follow-up to be done.
  • Dues for 2019 coming up, any time after August, $30 individual, $40 for family
  • 82 machine needs replacement antenna: $800-$900 Quad Bay antenna, 7/8th hardline, ~$4/ft, ~250-~300 feet. ~$1400 on Brogan’s tower, right to the top. $1400 coax, $1400 climber, Max expense, ~$3600.
  • Motion: To allocate $4000 for antenna/hard-line/climber maintenance for 82 repeater. Motion passed.
  • Recommendation: 5-year plan for repeaters? 625 repeater’s antenna may need replacing (fiberglass)
  • Auto license plates for any special plates are taking forever (state licensing mess, >6 months)
  • Radio for use after Bill’s class; no contract: Drew to address.

Next meeting, Christmas party at Dooley’s, December 11th; 6:30PM


Adjourn 7:05

Meeting Minutes December 2018 Christmas PartyBrief business meeting:Motion to accept 2019 officers passed- <pending nomination> РPresident- Byron KC0NPF РVice President- George KD0YOZ  РTreasurer- Collin AA0CN РSecretary 

This page is the responsibility of the Secretary.