Meeting Minutes October 8th 2019

Meeting to order at 6:34 PM
Treasurer’s report, received and accepted

Treasurer’s Report, 2019-10

Opening Balance: $ 10,810.84
Dues: $ 30.00
PayPal Dues:
United Way:
Raffle: $ 22.00
IBM: $ 4.40
Meeting Food
Paypal charges
KOA/PicNic $ 30.00
RPU $ 53.37
Closing Balance: $ 10,783.87
Opening Balance: $ 4,820.79
Interest: $ 0.03
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.82

Total: $ 15,604.69

Old Business:
82 repeater meeting:
KFSI not reachable for power.
Possible contract to go higher at current site. Go to top of tower?
Airport is a no-go. IBEW is not interested.
Other options include watertowers.
Complaint about noisy tower during precipitation. Satellite receivers further out? Investigate.
Still in data collection mode.

New business:
Nomination committee. Contact K0SIR if interested in being on the group to nominate the nomination committee.
Invitation to John Crook (VHF/UHF session previously from Yaesu)
Station show-off pictures for November meeting: KE0PBI AA0CN AB0BW K0VH N0HZN K0RGR AB0BW WB0U

School effort: Possibly link High Schools together as one ham group?

Adjourn 6:46pm