Meeting Minutes, November 2021

Meeting started: 6:32pm
Treasurer’s report:

Opening Balance: $ 8,634.28
PayPal Dues:
United Way:
RPU: $ 53.26
Meeting Food
Paypal charges
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Insurance $ 288.86
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 8,292.16

Opening Balance: $ 4,821.65
Interest: $ 0.04
Closing Balance: $ 4,821.69

Total: $ 13,113.85

Minutes: K0RPD motion to accept K0AKM, passed.
Committee reports:
Tech Committee: KA0MYG
Meeting last week, guest from Winona club
Good description of their Watoka HF site
Their club has multiple antennas and autoswitch
Limited to club members only
RemoteHam with Icom7300
Recommended run with UPS, Camera pointed at radio and ATU (LDG AT-200)
Simpson site; No internet at Simpson site, back to other ideas for sites.
Possible multi-user site (one RX, others listen). Not full SDR (one RX freq). Gentleman’s agreement for scheduling/use.
John looking to transition the role to someone else.

W0STV Olmsted ARES:
BuG Group to be paused, ARES training monthly session. (No BuG Saturday)
ARES: Covid and Public Service meant less activity
9AM-11AM for Saturday After the club meeting, ARES Training sessions.
AB0BW: State ARES; DECs to get together ober ZOOM (November 20th). Expect January report from State ARES.

Contesting K4IU:
This weekend; Work All Europe RTTY Contest
End of Nov: CQWW
December: Sweepstakes phone, 160m contest, 10m contest

JM Highshool; Thursday Afternoon class. Kit building? Other potentials.
W0STV is looking for people to help out.

Field Day: Start thinking about it!

Holiday Party: KF0S, switching to vote in December and holiday party in January
Charlie’s Pub and Eatery, possibility. 5:30-6, start eating 6:30pm. Ideas?

Old Business: None
New Business: None

Nominating Committee:
Secretary, Treasurer, Member-At-Large covered.
VP and President, need people for these.,,

VE Test session No 18th 6:30pm ARC, need FRN.

K0GMK: Short month for Hamster; be thinking about columns!
K0AKM W0STV passed motion to adjourn, 7:11pm