Meeting Minutes, May 2022

Meeting started 6:30pm, with program from John Portune, W6NBC

Introductions… 10 on zoom, 22 in EOC

Business Meeting started at 7:55PM

KE0WNH Melissa now VP and in charge of programs for 2022

From KE0WNH: ARRL has grants available: $500K to give away in 2022 for the purpose of energizing clubs and activities related to ham radio. First round of applications due end of June.
Some of our proposed/in-progress activities (125Live!, JM HS Club, etc.) may be good candidates for grant applications, RARC can write up grant application for these purposes.

125Live!: Cabinet maker possibilities, end of June? Base station is ready to go.

Secretary Report: Collin AA0CN Posted to Website, accepted K0VH motion, approved.

Treasurer’s Report:, George N0UM:

Report 2022-May

Opening Balance: $ 5,228.92
Dues: $ 60.00
PayPal Dues: $ 60.00
Raffle: $ 15.00
United Way:
RPU: $ 48.92
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $ 2.18
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 5,312.82

Opening Balance: $ 9,821.96
Interest: $ 0.08
Closing Balance: $ 9,822.04

Total: $ 15,134.86

Committee Reports:

Technical Committee, KF0S Eric

Quick meeting: 255 Repeater is repaired. $159 “Tune-up”. Is the 820 getting deaf? 125Live discussion ongoing. Inheriting a repeater and duplexers (from Northern Heights watertower decommissioning). Motorola repeater (147+MHz), to be stored at 82 site for future.

Byron Fire Department has 50′ tower + antennas.

Public Service, W0STV/KF0S:
Med City Marathon is coming up: Need volunteers (13 water stops need coverage!). Sunday, May 29th. Monitor both 255 Primary, 820 Secondary.

Contesting, Fred K4IU: (On Vacation)

Parks-On-The-Air: Mark K0GMK and Dan N0SPN. Plans for POTA post-field-day, get together for parking-lot activities. For anyone interested, Wednesday May 25th, starting 5:30pm to at least 8pm, N0SPN will be at the Douglas rest area of the Douglas Trail doing POTA. 40M and 20M dipoles, inverted vees, others via N0SPN. Bring radio/power and coax to operate (or even an antenna!), or just come and watch, or contact over the air!

Olmsted County ARES, Steve W0STV: 10AM Saturday, Olmsted ARES, Go-Kits On The Air for testing

Field Day: Taylor Ballman WB0RSJ, Field Day Coordinator

Location: Pat Cahil’s farm

Participation: Sign-up, W0STV started signup log. Need to decide 2A/3A

Can do VHF/UHF/6M

Portapotty; Won’t do weekends anymore, it seems. Discussion options, 5gal bucket, trench/trees?

KOA might be a good option for 2023

Discussion ongoing

820 is talk-in to FD site

Drawing winners…

Meeting close