Meeting Minutes, May 2020

Meeting on Zoom due to COVID-19

Treasurer’s Report:

Opening Balance: $ 10,506.42
Dues: $ 120.00
PayPal Dues: $ 370.00
Raffle: $ 8.00
RPU: $ 51.64
Meeting Food
Paypal charges $ 11.74
Field Day: $ 127.61
Insurance $ 320.00
Postage $ 9.00
Closing Balance: $ 10,484.43

Opening Balance: $ 4,820.90
Interest: $ 0.04
Closing Balance: $ 4,820.94

Total: $ 15,305.37

Most public service are cancelled

Field Day ideas
Emergency power/mobile HF setups within 1000ft radius

Motion: AI0M moved, seconded, motion to: for new members in class and in general 2nd half of year, for first dues rolls over into next year and coverd next year as well.

All bylaws to apply to the end of 2020:

2019-12-9 1125 : Assembled by AA0CN
Motion to approve proposal 1 by K0RGR, seconded KE0YJJ

Motion to approve proposal 2 by AI0M, seconded N0HZN

Motion to approve proposal 3 by KF0S, seconded N0HZN
With change: “The committee shall consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight persons including to the
chairperson and the Trustee of the station license.”

Motion to approve proposal 4 by KF0S, seconded AI0M

Motion to approve proposal 5 by W0DCB, seconded W0AMB

Members who join via the K0RGR class are granted a year of club membership (current year if completed in first half of year, current+next year by rollover).

No other new business.