Meeting Minutes, March 2020

Program: Pitcairn Island, VP6R presentation
Business meeting started at 20:00
Minutes up, approved.
Treasurer’s report, received:
Opening Balance: $ 11,080.92
Dues: $ 210.00
PayPal Dues: $ 200.00
Raffle: $ 18.00
IBM: $ 6.60
United Way: $ 105.00
Amazon: $ 35.97
RPU: $ 51.27
Meeting Food $ 24.95
Paypal charges $ 6.20
Field Day:
Tower Lease
Insurance $ 320.00
Web Domain
Closing Balance: $ 11,254.07

Opening Balance: $ 4,820.98
Interest: $ 0.03
Closing Balance: $ 4,821.01

Total: $ 16,075.08

Intentions to redo the 820 site. Deciding to stay where the 82 machine is, replace the antenna+coax and move mount down to orient antenna properly. Can be done for less than $5000, trying to get Don Overby but he is very busy, looking at Tri-state communications for tower climbing, perhaps April-May. Est. $2000 parts, $2500 for work. Motion to modify previous motion from $4000 to $5500 max limit for this project. W0STV motioned, KC0P seconds, motion passed.
N0KZO talk about public service: NZ0S convinced N0KZ0 to take on with W0STV. Youth 5K at end of the month. March 28th, signup on website. North side of 52 frontage road between 52 and history center. Needs signups this week.
Med City Marathon in May, need 20+ operators.

MedAres; Andrew Vauhn taking this up.
Packet network to cities is a work in progress project
More ARES training this year, site available.
MN ARES: Interoperability MOU with MN Homeland security work-in-progress (AB0BW)

ARRL SSB contest last weekend
WI QSO party this weekend.

Field Day: Coming up! End of June
Assistant would be nice.

Classes: April 18th start; Need to register with Rochester Community Ed.
VE Test session in May.

Tech committee to be approved.
Minutes: Post DOCX and PDF to the website, reflector, and newsletter.

Net Control Script for Sunday evening net to be updated.

John Marshall Club: Work/DIY with RPIs. Need table for station

New Business:
Motion to approve Tech Committee. John N0MGY, John NZ0S, Steve W0STV
Dave Thompson, Mel KC0P, BJ Watts , Bill Osler, George.

Adjourned 20:28