Meeting Minutes, June 8th 2021

by Eric Van Norman, KF0S
Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm.
May Meeting Minutes: available on the RARC website Motion to approve, KF0S Second, W0BM Motion Passed
Treasurer’s reportGeorge, N0UM
Checking: Opening Balance: $ 8,979.09
PayPal Dues: $ 200.00
Amazon: $53.82
RPU: $51.51
PayPal charges: $6.20
Closing Balance: $9175.20
Opening Balance: $ 4,821.49
Interest: $ 0.03
Closing Balance: $ 4,821.52
Total: $ 13,996.72

There is hope of an option for meeting in Fire Station #2 in July. Remodeling is on-going, not sure of the finish date.
Tech committee: Nothing
Contesting: Fred, K4IU June: 6/12 – VHF Contest 6/26-27 – Field Day 5/19-21/2022 is next Dayton.  Contest and DX related activities are moving to the Hope Hotel.
Olmsted ARES:Steve, W0STV Mobile Fox Hunt Held last Saturday. 7 operators were present. Possibly another in July
Public Service: Steve, W0STV Rochesterfest Parade – June 26th KAAL is streaming the broadcast this year Still looking for help Med-City Marathon – September 10-11th Don has sign-up sheets on the RARC website
State ARES: Bob, AB0BW Sue Corbin, KE0QBC is new Goodhue County EC EC Zoom start in April on 4th Wednesday of the month Steve, W0STV, mentioned Ham Shack Hotline and setting up in several counties.
Old Business: Steve, W0STV – Club inventory on-going Putting Public service in ARES room To obtain, get a hold of John, KA0MYG, or Steve
New Business: Steve, W0STV – Public service APRS units 6 units: 2 with cigarette lighter and 4 battery operated Units have bad antennas. Need 4 10W Diamond SMA dual-band antennas, MR73SMA ($30 each) Motion to allocate $150 to buy 4 antennas, Eric, KF0S Seconded by Dave, K0VH Motion passed. Steve, W0STV – John Marshall Melissa is no longer promoting club, Steve to check on status/replacement. Dave, K0VH and Steve, W0STV – Remote station discussion
Program Discussion – Eric, KF0S Ham Nation, Bob Gordon is willing to do presentations
Motion to Adjourn, Pat, W0BM Second, Dan, N0KZO
Meeting closed at 7:26 pm