KC0NPF’s Repeater Linking and D-star related link page

This is just a brain-dump of a lot of stuff I’ve been reasearching and poking around at recently. There’s a LOT of cool stuff in Ham Radio out there. I haven’t been on a ham radio binge this bad in a while 🙂

Reflectors, D-star, DMR, SIP bridges, all kinds of cool stuff in the following links:

  • [Streaming just about anything via Raspberry Pi](http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Raspberry_Pi_RTL-SDR_Broadcastify)
  • [XReflector system](http://www.xrefl.net/) Not currently used by the RARC but may be worth exploring in the future
  • [PAPA System of linked repeaters in California](http://www.papasys.com/)
  • [All-Star Linking system based on Asterisk PBX and capable of linking just about anything](https://web-tpa.allstarlink.org/)
  • [Peanut D-star application](http://www.pa7lim.nl/peanut/) D-star from your mobile or PC WITHOUT an AMBE dongle, transcoding is provided by the service. Registration required for obvious reasons.
  • [ARDOP open packet protocol](https://winlink.org/content/ardop_overview)
  • [Open P-25 project](http://osmocom.org/projects/op25/wiki) Decode P-25 systems like ARMER with software.
  • [Scanning P-25 with RTL-SDR](https://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-radio-scanner-tutorial-decoding-digital-voice-p25-with-dsd/)
  • [Winlink PAT on Raspberry Pi or other Linux PC](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdpKZ4SZli8)