Classified Ads and SK Process

For Sale

  • Multiband  vertical antenna, Comet CHA 250A and related mounting mast and related coax. 
  • SWE Analyzer, 1.8 to 170 MHz, MFJ 259B, with grid dip meter attachments.
  • HF RxTx, Kenwood TS 590, with Kenwood MC 60 mike.
  • MFJ 4235 MV power supply.

Thank you.   73   Dario, KD0RZX   507-206-6568, 1718 Teton Ln NE, Rochester MN 55906

RARC Silent Key equipment process (Nov 17 2017, K0VH)

Start of process: Get a call from spouse, relative or friend of SK/Silent Key ham that passed away wondering if RARC would like to help dispose of the equipment…

1. CALLER emails LIST of MAIN PIECES of EQUIPMENT.  Stuff sitting on the desk: Brand, model number.
  – Antennas or towers?
  – SK Active or former RARC member?
2. FIND OUT method of sale/disposal
  – Donate proceeds to RARC: RARC could keep some for FD, ARES, new ham loaners   -vs-
  – Family wants all or some funds
    Is family willing to handle sale w/RARC guidance?   -OR-
    Family lets RARC handle with monetary/memorial donation to RARC
    RARC generally will NOT handle ebay deals, use only local sales, auctions, or via (1)

3. Schedule visit to SK ham’s place by RARC designated group 
  – K0VH (gen’l), N0HZN (vhf/uhf), W0VLZ (tube rigs, QRP), KC0P (gen’l), W0BM (gen’l), K0SIR? others?
  – Should be at least two hams. Second person may also be 1st contact or friend of SK.
  – Do more accurate inventory beyond desk, ie “on the shelf” & junk box items
  – Do some testing of desk based gear: does it power on, xmtr PO?, rcr ok?
  – Antenna/tower removals only by crew with skills willing to purchase or if FD donated (if no one wants do we have names of local antenna companies like Norman or G&S)
4. Bring itemized list back to 
  – RARC meeting, or
  – post on RARC for sale website (this page, contact Secretary) and Rochester hams yahoo group
  – or auction, or ?? email to other local clubs 
A few additional points to consider de W0VLZ Niel:
– If sale/disposal is handled by the RARC then swapmeet rules apply to buyers: no returns and what you see is what you get.
– The inventory team should take photos of the items being inventoried. This will minimize the number of return visits.
– If equipment or proceeds are donated to RARC then the club should provide an itemized receipt to SK family for tax purposes.
– Discuss with the family how/when to pickup the donated/sold gear and what to do with any unsold or unsellable dregs.   
Note(1) W0BM has name of buyer who might be interested in older gear but only in MN ~2x/year

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