[Fixed] 147.255 Repeater Issues – New Primary/Secondary

[Updated 5/5/2022]
The Olmsted EOC has completed the service work on the 147.255 repeater and wants us to give it a good test run to verify it is working as it should. We will begin using it in the normal Sunday ARES net rotation, Echolink is back on that repeater and it is again the primary skywarn net repeater.
– W0STV / Steve Wiebke

Anyone who experiences any continued issues with the 147.255 repeater, please notify W0STV.

There have been some resent issues found on the 147.255 repeater. Olmsted County has been made aware of this so it can be fixed. In the meantime, please use the club’s repeaters for all activity:

[Primary] 146.82 PL 100Hz
[Secondary] 147.625 Analog FM PL 100Hz – this is a Yaesu System Fusion repeater, it does Analog and Digital. Turn on TSQL with a 100Hz tone to mute out any digital activity on a non-YSF capable radio. Please watch your s-meter or other busy indicators before transmitting to avoid doubling over a digital transmission.

Please watch Groups.io for further updates on the situation and notices to when the 255 repeater is fixed.