Meeting Minutes




1999 to 2015

  • Click here to see meeting minutes from January 1999 to January 2016.

RARC Meeting Minutes for January 12th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 633pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert, available for review below
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved from last month, very brief due to holiday party.
  • Checking
    • Opening Balance $7,068.10
    • Credits
      • Dues $75.00
    • Debits
      • RPU $42.13
      • Liability Insurance $320.00
    • Closing Balance $6,780.97
  • Savings
    • Opening Balance $4,692.55
    • Credits
      • Interest $0.04
    • Debits
    • Closing Balance $4,692.59
  • Cash on hand $40.00
  • Total $11,513.56
  • Old business:
    • 82 repeater issues
      • Electrical cost - John NZ0S working with KAAL still, has to go through a committee on their end
      • Digipeater renewed for next 5 years
      • Waiting on further action until power and technical issues worked out
    • RARC website - moved over in a few days
      • Mostly working with some glitches
      • DNS still needs to be updated
      • Some issues with free sites and web filtering, these may be unavoidable
    • Banners to replace missing one
      • Will be here in Rochester this week
      • Next meeting they will be reviewed and placed in appropriate places
      • Sign and sign out sheets will be created
    • Adopt a highway program
      • Officially part of this for the next 3 years
      • Signage still being worked on
      • Certificate for participation in this program as well
      • April/May will be first inspection/cleaning
      • Public Service page on RARC website will be used for signup
    • Business cards
      • Developed a design, passed around for review
      • Vistaprint was used for print, can print more for additional costs
    • VHF Conference Central States
      • WA2VOI - Don Baker is chairman of conference, will come to club for assistance
      • Last full weekend in July - 29th through 31st
      • In Rochester, help will be required from local resources
      • Help to put up antennas, tent, etc.
      • Technical conferences all day Friday and Saturday
      • Banquet Saturday night
      • Sunday conference on VHF weak signal operations
    • List of club equipment for disposal
      • Bring to meeting to get donations for members?
      • Peter Wollen - contact for this
    • Raffle idea for meetings
      • Purchase raffle tickets and win prize at end of meeting
      • Half of proceeds would go to the club treasury account
      • Other half would be raffled off
      • Would need to be $99 or less due to gambling commission rules
      • Motion was proposed and passed to do this
      • Steve Webke will be head of raffles/fundraising
    • Field Day restaurants/catering
      • Kelly will talk to restaurants about getting free food for Field Day
      • Survey supports free food from restaurants
      • Lunches are important too, not just dinner
      • Some possibilities for pizzas at Saturday setups
    • Dues
      • Please get in your dues for 2016 if you have not already.
      • Cash, check, or credit card
      • If you do not get your dues in by the next month you will be removed from the website directory
  • Committees/new business:
    • Education
      • Class coming up soon, sign up on website
      • 3 students so far
    • Public Service
      • February 6th is Frozen Goose
      • All public service events on website, sign up if you are interested
    • ARES
      • Section leader leaving soon, new EOC appointed
      • Joe K0JCR is new state EOC
      • Net control operator
    • VE Testing
      • Coming up February 11th at 630p at Red Cross
      • 2 signed up so far
    • Tech Committee
      • None this month, will meet next month before meeting at 6p in the same room
      • If anyone is interested in joining please contact Rob
    • Contesting
      • Lots of activities coming up
      • Some DX available too
      • K5P is DX on an Atoll
      • Minnesota QSO party Saturday February 6th
      • VHF contest January 30th and 31st - 1p Saturday until 10p Sunday
      • All contests on WA7BNM website
    • Field Day
      • 39 responses to survey
      • 26 people answered for Field Day, 10 people skipped question
      • Game Haven -15 votes, Pat's Farm - 11 votes
      • Catered only, no club cost was most votes food wise
      • In room vote Game Haven location received majority of vote as well
      • Review meals next month and then move on to operations
      • Mel KC0P giving VHF station to someone else and working exclusively on satellite contacts
        • Mel showed www.amsat.org/status which shows available satellites and helps with contacting them
      • Dstar radio deal on Gigaparts - 9880H normally $450 now $299
      • May be limited time, also somewhat difficult
    • Rochester 10m net
      • First Tuesday of the month 8 o clock
      • 28.325mhz frequency
      • Next one would be February 2nd
    • Social evenings remain on the last Thursday of each month
  • Meeting adjourned at 730p
  • Program for this month was discussion of the survey results from SurveyMonkey

Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.

RARC Meeting Minutes for February 9th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 637pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert, see them posted below:
      Opening Balance $6,780.97
      Dues $220.00
      IBM $2.20
      RPU $43.32
      KTTC Tower $5.00
      Closing Balance $6,954.85
      Opening Balance $4,692.59
      Interest $0.03
      Closing Balance $4,692.62
      Cash on hand $40.00
      Total $11,687.47
    • Remember Amazon Smile program to assist the club as well
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved by group
  • Old business:
    • Banners and business cards are available for review at the front of the room
      • The banner from AB0BW is in the ARES trailer
      • We will have a table setup with RARC banner at the Skywarn training in March
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Did not meet today
      • Next month 6p right before group meeting Tech Committee will meet
    • Public Service:
      • Had first event last Saturday the 6th
      • Next event in May - Stay out of the Sun Run - sign up for this event on website
      • Med City Marathon course is changing again - sign up for this event on website as well
    • ARES/Skywarn:
      • March 29th at 630p - Skywarn training at Rochester Event Center
      • Check into Sunday night nets
    • Contesting:
      • All in the newsletter - page 4
    • Education:
      • General class in middle of March, information is on webpage
      • Technician class in April, sign up through community education
      • Join Facebook group to see more info on amateur radio/RARC
    • Social Gatherings:
      • January gathering had some issues, Dan will discuss with owner of Wildwood to correct any problems
      • Open to suggestions for another location as well if we continue to have issues
    • Field Day
      • Newsletter - need leads for various stations/responsibilities for Field Day - see newsletter for entire list
      • We did receive a donation of old laptops from OMC research
      • Discussion of N1MM software versus WriteLog for logging
      • Safety Officer gets bonus points this year too - Dan is safety officer
      • Some other roles were assigned:
        • Bob AB0BW Digital Station Lead - tentative
        • Bill K0RGR CW Station Lead
        • Dan VHF Station Lead
        • GOTA coaches will be appreciated - extra points for this and better PR
      • If you would like to volunteer as a lead or an operator, please let Kelly know ASAP
      • Signup sheets for Field Day will be on the website too
    • ARES calendar and RARC website will be updated to show the correct repeater (255) for the ARES nets
  • New business:
    • Midwinter Madness - Saturday March 12th in Minnesota 8a to 1p
      • K0LTC.org for more info
    • Central States VHF Conference end of July this year
      • Club will do advertising for this
      • Last full weekend in July at the Kahler Apache Mall hotel
      • VHF 102 on weak signal VHF operations - interesting class
    • Temporary repeater in town - 443.7 frequency 100hz tone encode and decode
      • On roof of government center, so range is limited
      • Be available until March 2017 for testing
    • Beta version of new website
      • Demonstrated at meeting
      • WYSIWYG editor for webpage - very easy to use, similar to Microsoft Word
      • beta.rarchams.org is address
      • Placeholders are created for content
      • Make meetings in PDF format and post to website
      • Look at content managers for various parts of website
      • Leave site in beta for next month or so before going live to give content managers time to get used to new site
  • Introductions were performed and meeting was adjourned at 735p
  • Program for this month was on propagation by guest speaker Bill AE0EE

RARC Meeting Minutes for March 8th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:37 pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert:
      Opening Balance $6,954.85
      Dues $385.00
      IBM $6.60
      United Way $53.96
      Amazon $9.38
      Raffle $24.00
      RPU $44.22
      Closing Balance $7,389.57
      Opening Balance $4,692.62
      Interest $0.03
      Closing Balance $4,692.65
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $12,082.22
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Issue with getting these on website, will be uploaded shortly
  • Old business:
    • Pre-meeting dinner spot - officially choosing so it can be published on the website
      • Whistle Binkie's North is the new official spot
      • 5-515p start time
    • New website news - assign people to each section
      • Rob will take care of ARES section transfer
      • Drew will take notes section
        • Notes are already placed on website back through 1999
        • Secretary will take care of general "about" page, including officers
      • John Scott will take the public service
      • Bill will work on education page
      • Kelly will take care of Field Day page
      • Motion was proposed and passed to switch over to the new website, and also keep the old website in an archive mode
        • Old website may not work 100% correctly
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Contact from outside the club who wants to setup a digital repeater to connect to some Twin Cities repeaters
        • Motorola Turbo
        • Technical committee forwarded information about possible repeater locations in Rochester
      • Still looking at power options for 82 repeater to save some money
      • Also looking at antenna replacement and hardline diagnostic on repeater
        • No tower management company currently at this location
      • Quartermaster position also re-proposed at technical committee meeting
      • Buying four new Hershey-kiss style antennas for ARES/Public Service trackers
        • Under $100 so club vote not required
    • Education:
      • General class starting Sunday 3/13
        • Spots still available if anyone is interested
      • Class in April through Community Education - Technician class
        • Please refer anyone who is interested to Community Education or Bill
      • Testing session in May
    • Public Service:
      • Quiet until May when Stay Out of the Sun Run and Med City Marathon occur
      • Sign-up available on website, please start signing up soon
      • Med City Marathon
        • Route has changed again
    • ARES:
      • Skywarn training on Tuesday, March 29th at International Event Center at 630p
        • RARC will have a table with banner at this event
        • Dinner at Ground Round starting at 430p beforehand
      • April 9th is Severe Storm conference in the Twin Cities at the University of St. Thomas
        • Register ASAP if you are interested
      • Twin Cities Metro areas require training before performing storm spotting in their area
        • If you make regular commutes to the Twin Cities this can be a good opportunity
      • State EOC meeting recently
        • Update on flooding forecast for 2016 - not much concern currently
        • Big concern about fires - area is very low on precipitation
      • ARRL position called OES - Official Emergency Station
        • Contact Bill if you are interested in this
      • MS-Tram bike ride 2016 - July 20th through 24th
        • First class amateur radio communications setup
        • Contact Bill if you are interested in participating in this
      • Public Service award
        • Maple Grove Radio Club sponsors this award
        • Nominate club members who excel in Public Service
    • Field Day:
      • Game Haven has been sent the documents for permissions for use
      • Sign up sheet is available on website as well
      • Logging discussion
        • N1MM versus WriteLog
        • Benefits of networking different stations together - networking equipment not owned by club
        • Proposal to run local logging with merging rather than networked logging was proposed and passed
        • Proposal to run N1MM logging rather than WriteLog was also proposed and passed
      • Laptops that were donated have had new SSDs installed, wiped, and ready to go with Windows 7 installed
      • Discussion of running 3A versus 2A for number of stations
        • 3A - digital, CW, SSB stations
        • GOTA does not count against total number of stations
    • Contesting:
      • Central States VHF conference end of July
      • Someone from MPLS will be presenting a preview of the Central States VHF conference next meeting
    • New business
      • John Scott has some equipment from a club member who passed away that he is selling, please contact him if you are interested
      • If you have any input/critiques for the newsletter that comes out each month also contact John
      • Opportunity for the club to have a booth at the Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster conference
        • Meetings at Channel One 3rd Wednesday of every month at 3p
      • Bob is looking for some assistance with improving his antenna - high SWR currently
        • Please contact him if you are interested in helping
      • Two more FM satellites coming online soon
        • Total of four different ones that are available for amateur radio use
  • Meeting adjourned at 736pm
  • Program for this month was about programming software/cables by John NZ0S

RARC Meeting Minutes - April 12th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:36pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert:
      Opening Balance $7,389.57
      Dues $235.00
      IBM $4.40
      Raffle $11.00
      RPU $44.22
      Speaker Gift $25.00
      Web Name Registration $99.00
      Closing Balance $7,471.65
      Opening Balance $4,692.65
      Interest $0.03
      Closing Balance $4,692.68
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $12,164.33
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved with no changes
  • Old business:
    • Website - new website well received, have had several messages per week through the Contact Us section on website
  • Committees/New business:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Club station at KOA in process of being setup - station will be available for checkout to amateur radio operators at the campground
        • Club equipment will be retrieved for storage during the winter months
      • Four antennas were purchased for Public Service use - mentioned in last meeting
      • 82 repeater - club is not able to share power with KAAL - negotiations continue with other antenna organizations to borrow power through them. After the power question is answered repair will be figured out next
      • No update on Twin Cities digital repeater - towers and repeaters will be established north of Rochester, more information coming later about this
    • ARES:
      • Skywarn training occurred end of last month
      • Statewide tornado drill this Thursday April 14th
    • Public Service:
      • Stay Out of the Sun Run Friday May 20th, many other upcoming events as well - please sign up on website if you are interested
      • Med City Marathon - many operators needed. Sunday May 29th, please sign up on website if you are available
      • This Saturday April 16th the club is responsible for it's first cleanup of the adopt a highway section
        • Meet at South corner of Apache Mall (Macy's parking lot) around 9a
        • No medians, just shoulders and on/off ramps
        • 255 repeater will be used for communication and coordination
        • Sign up available on RARC website, but you can attend without signing up too
    • Education:
      • Class starts this Saturday through community education. Nine people currently signed up to attend
      • Three Saturdays in a row from 10a to 10p
      • May is next testing session as well - date is probably the 5th of May
    • Contesting:
      • No major contest on VHF until June
      • Central States Conference 50th Anniversary this July as well - guest speaker tonight will discuss too.
    • Field Day
      • N1MM installed on three club laptops
        • Configuration needed for the N1MM software as well
      • Food catered by Dooley's Pub - choices discussed at May's meeting
      • 1/2 hour agenda slot for May and 1 hour agenda for June is needed for Field Day
      • Discussion of site locations - probably copy previous locations at Gamehaven
      • Discussion of shelter/RVs that are needed for Field Day
        • Pop up gazebo was donated for the club use as well
      • At this point no other events scheduled at Gamehaven that would interfere with Field Day
      • Press releases and invites for public officials have been prepared for Field Day
        • These will be sent the first week of May
      • Facebook/Social Media will be updated too
      • Idea to make a certificate for GOTA attendees that would show they got a contact
        • Dan and Elyse will work on making the certificates
  • New business:
    • Proposal to have a joint operation with the Winona amateur club for the Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air
      • Third weekend in October
      • Idea to combine it with a merit badge educational class around the same time
      • Event could be located at Gamehaven or other location
    • Some radio equipment available from Robert, John, and Steve - see them if you are interested
    • Classified section on website - Bill will manage after Robert completes the new page for this
    • RARC Builder's Group - next month
      • Located in the Fire Station (same location as meeting)
      • Second Saturday of each month - right after the meeting
      • First month will focus on Raspberry Pi objects
    • Secretary will be able to add any items of interest to front page of website - please email him anything you would like added - short blurb for the item would be nice
    • Please go to the club Facebook page and like any relevant items if you can - will increase the site ranking and get more people to see the site
    • Amazon Smile - please do this if you shop on Amazon
  • Introductions were performed and meeting was adjourned at 7:23p
  • Program for this month was on the Norther Lights VHF conference this July

RARC Meeting Minutes - May 10th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:31pm
  • Skip Jackson, KS0J (Minnesota Section Manager) gave an award to the club for last year's Field Day performance - won the Minnesota Cup for the 3rd year in a row
    • Opportunity to be a special service club - paperwork would need to be completed but would give the club more recognition
    • Minnesota Cup and certificates will be on display at Field Day at the GOTA station
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Checking  
      Opening Balance $7,471.65
      Dues $150.00
      IBM $4.40
      United Way $57.46
      Raffle $17.00
      Water $3.99
      RPU $45.19
      Business Cards $41.23
      Closing Balance $7,610.10
      Opening Balance $4,692.68
      Interest $0.03
      Closing Balance $4,692.71
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $12,302.81
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved with no vote
    • If you have items for the RARC website front page, please let the secretary know
    • Similarly, if you have Facebook items let the president or the PR officer know for posting those
  • Committees:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • 82 repeater - still trying to contact First Student for power accommodations
      • If they cannot be contacted, renewable energy may be an option
      • Discussed swapping the old GOTA radio with the Schaeffer Academy radio for placement in the club station at KOA
      • Show of hands for how many club members would be interested in a HF club station
    • Public Service:
      • May 20th - Stay out of the Sun run
      • May 29th - Med City Marathon. Biggest event of the year
      • June 4th - Team Red CC Run
      • June 19th - Hyvee Triathlon
      • See website for rest of public service events and to sign up for any of the events
      • Or see John Scott or Eric van Norman
      • Final highway cleanup will be this Saturday, May 14th at 1p - meet at Apache Mall parking lot corner by Macy's
    • ARES/Skywarn:
      • Make sure you have current maps - should have up through 32 on the bottom of the map
      • See Steve for the most recent map or
      • PDF for new map will be updated on RARC website as well
    • Education:
      • Lots of new members tonight from the class
      • A general class will be occurring in the near future too
      • Testing session last Thursday - 13 people showed up
      • New members were introduced from the last testing session
      • Next testing session is in August
    • Contesting:
      • June is the next big contest - June VHF 2nd weekend in June, 2 weeks before Field Day
    • Social Gatherings:
      • 26th of May this Month
      • Wildwood will be the location for at least 1 more time, decide at next meeting if we want to change locations
    • Tinker/Builder's Group
      • Meeting this Saturday at 9a here at the Fire Station
      • Bring in projects to work on or things you would like to learn about
  • Field Day:
    • Identify stations, equipment, operators for Game Haven - sign-up sheet available on RARC website for this
    • Communication with Robert Watson from Game Haven - site visit will be needed at location
      • People involved in site planning last year will also perform site visit this year
    • Number of stations we can setup and staff throughout the weekend?
      • GOTA
      • HF
      • Digital/CW combo station versus separate CW and Digital stations?
    • 2A versus 3A due to other event running at Dodge Center?
      • 2A was the decision - the club will register as this for Field Day
    • May not have enough people who can do 20-30 words per minute on CW
    • Club needs to balance public service and contesting philosophy for Field Day
    • Callsign club should use for this event - discussion of this
      • Special event call can be applied for - 1x1 call - ARRL is where we would apply for this
      • W0MN is also possiblity, NZ0S, or W0STV
    • Discussion of shelter
      • Bob, Kelly, and Bill will bring shelters
      • Also discussion of trailers and
    • Discussion of equipment
      • Laptops will have the N1MM software preloaded
      • Radios for each station
      • Antennas
        • Antennas from Pat's will be retrieved on the Friday before Field Day
        • Military masts - can be done with a group of 6 or 7 but requires some people who have performed the setup before
        • GOTA needs a good antenna this year, especially if there are scouts, media, or representatives that attempt to use GOTA
      • Porta potties are needed - Peter will pass on info on getting these setup
      • Generatora
    • Kelly will get the above information published and on the website
      • Suggestions and ideas are welcome too
  • Donation to the Scouts via GameHaven
    • Not as a payment but as a thank you for using their facilities
    • $100 thrown at as an idea
    • Goodwill/good gestures
    • Measure was voted on and passed unanimously
  • Item for sale
    • LED Strobe from Jim - $30 total
    • DStar radio from Robert - see him for amount
  • Raffle was awarded and introductions were performed
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:36p
  • Program for this month was on DMR(Digital Mobile Radio)

RARC Meeting Minutes - June 14th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 631pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Checking  
      Opening Balance $7,610.10
      Dues $100.00
      IBM $4.40
      Classes $133.00
      Raffle $21.00
      Amazon $5.81
      Antennas $84.00
      RPU $44.45
      Food for classes $125.78
      Closing Balance $7,620.08
      Opening Balance $4,692.71
      Interest $0.03
      Closing Balance $4,692.74
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $12,312.82
  • Minutes from last month's meeting were read and approved
  • Old business:
  • Committees/New business:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Talk about this next month
      • First Student has been contacted about power options for repeater
    • Public Service:
      • This Sunday, June 19th is the HyVee Triathlon
      • Rochesterfest Parade is also coming up on June 24th
      • New event - Believe in Me Bike Ride on July 9th - on web page signups. 100 mile bike ride
      • More events in August and October, please sign up on website for these events
      • Bounce Day is also end of September, more information needed about this
    • ARES:
      • EOC Skywarn maps - make sure you are using the updated version
    • Contesting:
      • June VHF was last weekend
      • Field Day is upcoming
      • Central States Conference next month
    • Education:
      • Bill not present, so skipped this item
    • Social Gatherings:
      • June 30th is the date this month, still at Wildwood
      • May consider other locations later (after Field Day)
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:41p to discuss Field Day
  • Program for this month was Field Day discussion and preparation

RARC Meeting Minutes - July 12th, 2016


  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:33p
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Checking  
      Opening Balance $7,620.08
      Raffle $10.00
      FD - Portapotty $126.42
      RPU $44.84
      Closing Balance $7,458.82
      Opening Balance $4,692.74
      Interest $0.03
      Closing Balance $4,692.77
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $12,151.59
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • No issues with minutes
  • Committees:
    • Skywarn:
      • Make sure maps are updated, see website or Rob for updated maps
    • ARES
      • Change in leadership on state level - K0JCR
      • Expect some new initiatives with state level ARES based on this change
    • Education:
      • Technician class starting this Saturday 7/16
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Tech committee did not meet this month
      • No update on 82 repeater power sources at this point, still looking to get with First Student to use their power
    • Public Service:
      • Believe in Me Bike Race last Saturday 7/9 - 120 some bikes
      • 10K to 100 mile races
      • 2 repeaters used
      • Overall race went well, some minor issues
    • Contesting:
      • Central States VHF Conference - July 29th and 30th
      • Lots of good technical information
      • Looking for some shelters/shade structures for this conference - contact Steve W0STV if you can provide shelters
      • RARC also providing cables and generators
      • Looking for volunteers to manage and inventory the antenna range - see Mel KC0P if you are interested and available for this
    • Social Gatherings:
      • Last Thursday of every month - this month is on July 28th at Wildwood
  • Old business:
    • Club radio station at KOA:
      • Discussion of getting club station setup at this location
      • Potential issues with radio that was to be used at this location - discovered at Field Day
      • Will discuss with KOA owners - goal is to get setup by April 2017
    • Field Day Review for 2016 - read by Kelly's wife
      • Photos have been uploaded to website, please assist with labeling anyone that is not recognized.
      • Additional photos also welcome
      • Current website can be archived as an example of how to do future Field Days
      • Map can be reused for future events - Microsoft Visio file
      • Future engagements between RARC and Boy Scouts are possible due to this
      • All food was donated by Kelly to the club - gratuity to Dooley's of $100 will be paid by the club
      • Proposal to pay $100 gratuity and cover Kelly's membership for 10 years - seconded and passed
      • Dave K0VH gave score summary for Field Day 2016
        • 1216 is number of contacts total for all stations - compare to 3A last year we made about 1800
        • 3398 is probable contact score total
        • 4808 is probable final score - with bonus points
        • Final report will be submitted soon to ARRL
        • Final results will be back around October/November
      • Letter was read that will be sent to Gamehaven as a thank you/wrap-up for Field Day 2016
      • Discussion of $100 donation to Gamehaven by the club - approved
      • Jamboree on the Air Boy Scout event is in October - club working with Boy Scouts to coordinate this
  • New business:
    • August RARC picnic - next month on August 9th @ 630p
      • KOA is the location this year - 5232 65th Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904
      • Sourcing of grills and other supplies for next month's picnic
      • Everyone should bring a side dish - club will provide burgers, hot dogs, buns, and fixings for aforementioned meat
      • Foxhunt will be performed again as in previous years
      • Antenna analysis will be available
      • Bring camping chairs and beverages
      • $100 Field Day budget for food in general - no objections for this
      • Consideration for KOA hosts too - club officers will handle this
    • Look at classifieds on RARC website - many items available for purchase
      • Contact Robert if you are interested in listing something
    • QRZ.com - please update your QRZ email address/contact information
      • RARC website links to this for contact information
      • QRZ is free and easiest way to contact hams
      • Yahoo email reflector is also a good way to get a hold of hams
    • Special Service Club
      • RARC is now setup as a Special Service club - banner and plaque are given to the club
      • Good for next two years
      • Current president for RARC needs to make sure list of officers and contact information is current on ARRL website - should be done yearly
    • Logs for the June VHF contest due tonight at 10p - get them done ASAP
    • AES is closing - end of July
      • HRO buying them out, very good deals available because of this
      • Dan and Steve W0STV are both up at AES frequently if you would like them to pick you up something while they are up there
  • Get well and thank you cards were presented to Kelly
  • Introductions were performed, raffle was drawn, and meeting was adjourned at 7:41p
  • Program for this month was about Field Day wrap-up and soldering

RARC Meeting Minutes - September 13th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:33pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Checking  
      Opening Balance $7,458.82
      Raffle $20.00
      IBM $13.20
      United Way $86.08
      Amazon $16.06
      Med City Marathons $400.00
      Dues $50.30
      RPU $46.76
      RPU $45.33
      Card $3.21
      Picnic Food $131.98
      Donation to Gamehaven $100.00
      Donation to Dooleys via FD Chair $100.00
      Closing Balance $7,617.18
      Opening Balance $4,692.77
      Interest $0.06
      Closing Balance $4,692.83
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $12,310.01
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • No
  • Committees
    • Education:
      • Class October 1st through Community Education
      • Testing session is a few weeks after class
    • ARES:
      • Not a lot ARES activity at the moment
      • A few nets; make sure to get the new preamble for the nets as there have been some changes
      • National Weather Service has an open house this Thursday from 2-7p - check websites or Facebook for frequencies
      • Contact your legislatures to support the Amateur Radio Parity act - addresses overly restrictive antenna regulations in HOA or communities. This was shared on RARC Facebook page too
      • Looking for new ARES members - sign-up sheet on web
    • Contesting:
      • Upcoming contests - just missed September VHF contest
      • This weekend 10Ghz and up contest
      • Monday September 19th is 2M sprint - 7-11p. Sponsored by ARRL
      • Multiple HF contests this time of year as well
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Nothing from this committee today, see 82 discussion below
    • Public service
      • See below for discussion
  • Old business:
    • Thank you cards to RARC for Field Day and donations
    • Discussion of RARC Field Day 2017 chairperson
      • Please volunteer at the next meeting if you are interested
    • Christmas Party 2016 - already planned and reservations back in January 2016 at Victoria's
  • New business:
    • 146.82 Repeater discussion
      • Discussion of final decision on what we are going to do with this repeater
      • No free or discount power options - exhausted all available options there
      • Contract needs to be figured out too - cost per month to rent the tower?
      • Meter charge is a large component of power cost - $35 a month for meter versus less than $10 of electricity
      • Discussion of raising dues in conjunction to cover additional costs
        • $25 individual dues, $35 family dues, $5 student dues
        • Amount has not changed in 10+ years
        • 19 people that fall under family plan
        • Move family dues from $35 to $40, add $5 per member after 4?
        • 66 individual members currently
        • Motion proposed and passed to raise the dues from $25 to $30 for individual, $35 to $40 family, and drop the student dues completely for the 2017 year.
    • Public service
      • September 25th - Med City Fall Half Marathon, 10K, 5K run
        • Duplicate course - 5K run is Saturday the 24th starting at Scheel's at the mall
      • Bounce Day - same day as Med City Fall Half Marathon
        • Drill put on by Mayo Hospital
        • Mock disaster event - training for old and new medical students
        • Mayo would like a minimum of 8 RARC members but would prefer 24 RARC members
        • Three different networks for communications - complicated event
        • Event goes from 7:15AM - 5PM on the 25th
      • Tour De Cure - October 1st
        • 7 people signed up currently, could use more
        • Goes from 7a to 2p minimum - long event
    • Discussion of business meeting time and discussion of topics
    • Some equipment for sale in Zumbrota - hamradio4sale.com - look if you are interested
  • Introductions were performed, raffle was drawn, and meeting was adjourned at 7:36pm
  • Program for this month was about grounding/lightning by John NZ0S

RARC Meeting Minutes - October 11th, 2016


  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:30pm
  • Introductions were performed first
  • Discussed point of order clarification from last month's minutes related to raising dues
    • Propose changes to bylaws to make the process of raising dues more clear - officers will examine this
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Checking  
      Opening Balance $7,617.18
      Raffle $14.00
      IBM $4.40
      Class $60.00
      Donation $97.50
      Dues $120.00
      RPU $46.81
      Property Insurance $286.00
      Liability Insurance $320.00
      Closing Balance $7,260.27
      Opening Balance $4,692.83
      Interest $0.04
      Closing Balance $4,692.87
      Cash on hand $0.00
      Total $11,953.14
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved with no changes
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Tech committee did not meet this month
      • Still examining alternatives for RPU on repeater - solar power may be an option
      • New lease agreement is under examination right now
      • Moving repeater still being investigated - Dodge County EOC has expressed interest in having repeater on loan and operational in their area
        • Minnesota Repeater Council needs to be involved in coordination/planning if repeater move to Dodge Center is possible
      • 625 repeater in need of maintenance - John NZ0S will update
      • Some software updates needed for digital repeaters as well - a few RARC members will perform these
    • Education:
      • Two weeks into technician class
      • General class sometime early in the year
      • Next Technician class in April will be through Community Education again
      • Testing sessions in November and February - at Red Cross Building
    • Public Service:
      • No more events this year
      • Next event is Frozen Goose in February 2017
    • Contesting:
      • Deadline for September VHF contest logs is tonight
      • Fall Microwave Sprint is coming up soon, otherwise no large VHF contests
      • This weekend (October 15th and 16th) is Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air
      • CQ DX Sideband - big contest 29th and 30th of October
      • November Sweepstakes contest
      • Minnesota QSO Party usually first weekend in February
    • ARES:
      • Done for the year as well
      • Next year we were requested to have more involvement with Rochester city events
    • Social Gatherings:
      • Christmas Party is at Victoria's - next month we will do menu selections
        • Christmas Party is on December 13th at 630pm
  • Old business:
  • New business:
    • This is the month for proposing new people for the RARC officers, if you are interested please contact John NZ0S
      • Officers will be voted on at the December meeting/Christmas Party
    • Pay your dues! Cash, check, charge.
      • $30 individual, $40 family
    • 2017 Field Day coordinator is still available position, please contact Dan or Kelly if you are interested
  • Meeting adjourned
  • Program for this month was about 3D printers at the Rochester Public Library.

RARC Meeting Minutes - November 8th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:34pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Attached - get from Robert
    • Please pay your dues - many different methods. $30 for individual, $40 for family
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Minutes were reviewed and approved
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • 82 lease is in progress, not yet signed
      • Upgrades to 82 are also being looked at
        • New coax and antenna
        • Tower climber also being investigated
        • $45 monthly power charge alternatives also being investigated - roughly $1000 for solar power which would pay for itself in around 2 years
        • 625 repeater and Digipeater also need some maintenance work that will be performed this fall
    • Public Service:
      • Done until Frozen Goose in February
      • Dates being finalized for next year's events
      • Bounce Day for next year is also already being planned but no date is set already
        • RARC is considered an integral part of their operations
        • Med ARES is also a consideration to run this as well
    • ARES:
      • No severe weather currently
      • Skywarn event Spotter Appreciation Day coming up on December 3rd - at National Weather Service in La Crosse
      • Mini-Field Day style event, trying to make contact between different NWS groups
      • Tours of NWS also offered at these locations
      • Carpooling groups are also available - contact Steve W0STV if you are interested
    • Contesting:
    • Education:
      • Some classes through Community Education are in the process of being planned
      • Classes are also listed on website
      • Testing session last week - 4 people tested and passed
      • Rochester library has many different ARRL books that are good resources for license upgrades and other information
    • Builder's Group
      • This Saturday starting around 830a
    • Social Gatherings:
      • On the 3rd Thursday the month of November due to Thanksgiving - November 17th
      • Will be on the 5th Thursday in December - December 29th
  • Old business:
    • Field Day 2016 Coordinator
      • Still looking to fill this position, please contact any of the officers if you are interested
      • The club is planning to work with the Boy Scouts to make sure that they are well-integrated into the Field Day plans
  • New business:
    • Nominations for executive board for 2016
      • President - Drew KC0CJP
      • Vice President - Kelly KE0EMJ
      • Treasurer - Robert K0RDA
      • Secretary - Still available, please let John N0HZN know if you are interested
    • Holiday Party 2016
      • Vote for menu items, also RSVP in same location but only RSVP if you are going to be at the party!
      • Menus and voting are on website and the link was also in the newsletter
    • Discussion of Winter Field Day
      • Would be good opportunity to practice club skills as well as use club equipment that sits idle except for Field Day
      • Last weekend of January 2017 - 28th and 29th
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:04PM
  • Program for this month was about AUXCOM led by Robert K0RDA

RARC Meeting Minutes - December 13th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by Vice President, John at 630pm
  • Only item for today was voting for the 2017 officers:
    • President: Andrew Naatz, KCØCJP
    • Vice President: Kelly Boles, KEØEMJ
    • Treasurer: Robert Andrews, KØRDA
    • Secretary: John Dalin, KAØMYG
  • The officers were unanimously approved by the club and the secretary logged a proxy vote for the entire club for these officers.

RARC Meeting Minutes - January 10th, 2017

  • Meeting called to order by President Drew at 6:29 pm
  • No Treasurer's Report
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved from last month, very brief due to holiday party.
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Need to upgrade the gateway software for the D-Star repeater.
      • A lawyer has been contacted for the .82 repeater paperwork, no response yet.
    • Public Service:
      • First event of 2017 will be the Frozen Goose to be held the afternoon of February 4th. There will be a 5k and 10k walk and the event should last about 3 hours. Sign up is on the web page.
    • ARES:
      • Rob should have the new net control schedule finalized by February.
      • VOAD still very active in flood areas.
    • Contesting:
      • Not much DX lately, 20M was up and down on 1/7, Sunday was much better.
      • RTTY contest last weekend of January, digital is coming up.
      • MN QSO party (8am-6pm) possibly same weekend as Frozen Goose?
    • Field Days:
      • There will be a winter field day held on January 28th.
      • KE0EMJ and W0STV will co-chair the summer field day.
    • Education:
      • Class is listed in community ed.
      • VE session in February.
    • Social Gatherings:
      • The RARC social is held on the last Thursday of the month beginning between 5-5:30pm and is held at Wildwood. Steve will not make the January social.
  • Old business:
    • None
  • New business:
    • There will be a winter field day held on January 28th. The event will be held in the ARES trailer which will be parked next to Rochester’s Fire Station #2. The EOC radio room will be available to warm up. Talk-in will be on 147.255 repeater. Setup at 10am, begin operating at 1pm.
    • VE – W0STV doing great job; is looking for mentors.
    • There was a general consensus that the Field Day leader should be chosen by February. KE0EMJ volunteered again provided there were co-chairs. W0STV volunteered to be co-chair. AA0CN and KE0FMX also volunteered.
    • January VHF contest to take place January 21st and 22nd.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:56pm
  • Program for this month was antenna tuning and a “Silent Key” auction conducted by K0SIR of gear formerly belonging to W0TAX.

RARC Meeting Minutes - February 14th, 2017


  • Meeting called to order by President Drew at 6:30 pm
  • Feb (11-2016 until 2-2017) Treasurers Report
  • Checking  
    Opening Balance $7,263.76
    Raffle $12,00
    IBM $17.60
    Amazon $21.91
    Dues $1124.62
    RPU $135.68
    PO Box 1 Renewal $86.00
    Closing Balance $8,218.21
    Opening Balance $4,692.90
    United Way 126.70
    Interest $0.10
    Closing Balance $4,819.70
    Cash on hand $0.00
    Total $13,037.91
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved without changes.
  • Committees
    • No Technical Committee Report.
    • Public Service:
      • Report on Frozen Goose event. SOS coming up in May.
    • ARES:
      • Check out MnARES info at MnAres.org.
    • Skywarn Training:
      • Rochester – April 24th at the Rochester Event Center.
      • Mantorville – March 22nd at the Mantorville Fire Department.
    • VE:
      • 5 people tested. 2 upgrades.
    • Contesting:
      • Mel active for the January VHF contest. Saturday was very foggy. Many contacts were made after the Sunday night net.
    • Field Day:
      • There will be several programs after the club meetings to groom operators for the upcoming summer field day.
      • Pat is very busy this summer. The Gamehaven site was approved by a unanimous vote.
      • The call K0Z has been obtained for the event.
    • Education:
      • Community Ed coming up.
    • Social Gatherings:
      • February social is Thursday the 24th.
  • Old business:
    • None
  • New business:
    • Winter Field day.
      • There were 13 participants. Thanks from W0STV.
      • There was interference on some antennas, the generator was one suspect. Kelly has some AC mains snubbers we could try. Also, the grounding situation could have been improved.
    • N0MGY made contact with K0MD on 20M.
    • John looking to finish work on .82 repeater. Looking at using a drone.
    • Club dues need to be submitted by the end of March to keep name on list.
    • The club paid tribute to silent key Dave Seavy - KC0UCN.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm.
  • Program for this month was “What is field day?”.

RARC Meeting Minutes - March 14th, 2017


  • Meeting called to order by President Drew at 6:29 pm
  • April (Feb-2017 thru Apr-2017) Treasurers Report


Opening Balance: $8218.21


Raffle: $17.00

Dues: $ 440.00

IBM: $6.60

United Way: $99.99


RPU: $95.25

Funeral card and donation: $102.16

Closing Balance: $8,584.39



Opening Balance: $4,819.70


Interest: $0.07

Closing Balance: $4,819.77


Total: $13,404.16

  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved without changes.
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee:
      • No Meeting.
    • Public Service:
      • Roadside cleanup 4/22 @ 10am. Planning post event meeting at Whistle Binkies South.
      • One back to back event weekend June 17th and 18th (Believe in me bike ride and Triathalon).
    • ARES:
      • Public service events are a good way to check equipment and improve skills.
    • Skywarn:
      • Training
        • Rochester – April 24th at the Rochester Event Center.
        • Mazeppa – March 16th
        • Mantorville – March 22nd at the Mantorville Fire Department (Usually SRO).
        • NWS Webinar – March 15th. Should be listed on LaCrosse NWS website.
      • Debrief net is now on Sunday following the RARC ARES net as Monday wasn’t working well.
      • If checking in from the city of Rochester, give the quadrant of the city you are in. Be sure to have the latest revision of the Olmsted County map with you (1-32 & A-Y).
    • Contesting:
      • Month was quiet. Washington DX. Worked all Prefixes. Longer days will provide longer openings to Asia, etc. Digital modes.
    • Field Day:
      • There will be several programs after the club meetings to groom operators for the upcoming summer field day.
      • Pat (W0BM) will be presenting the April program on “device assisted” CW communications.
    • Education:
      • Technician class starts April 15th. Three Saturdays (10am – 5pm). Must register through community ed.
    • Social Gatherings:
      • March social is Thursday the 30th.
  • Old business:
    • DOT cleanup will be run as an ARES net with a net control. Bring your Handy-Talkies.
    • Midwinter Madness hamfest on March 25th in Buffalo, MN. Bill (K0RGR) was asked to make a special presentation to John Scott (N0HZN) who was recently awarded the K0YVZ Public Service Award by the Maple Grove Radio Club after being nominated by Bill.
  • New business:
    • Steve (W0STV) went through the Red Cross HAM station and made sure everything was operational.
    • Newly qualified VE's should notify Steve (W0STV) so the roster can be updated.
    • Mentorship of new people was encouraged.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:46pm.
  • Intro’s and raffle followed.
  • Program for this month was “Digital Modes and N1MM logging"

  • RARC Meeting Minutes - April 11th, 2017

  • Meeting called to order by President Drew at 6:31pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Checking:
      Opening Balance: $8,584.39
      Raffle: $13.00
      Dues: $ 155.00
      IBM: $2.20
      RPU: $48.51
      Closing Balance: $8,706.08
      Opening Balance: $4,819.77
      Interest: $0.03
      Closing Balance: $4,819.80
      Total: $13,525.88
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved.
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Lease for 146.82 repeater approved by lawyer. Was sent to Brogan and has been at Brogan for over 3 weeks. Lease is for 10 years. RARC will need to pay for climber.
      • Antenna analyzer needs to be sent in for repairs.
    • Public Service:
      • April 22nd - 2nd RARC Roadside Cleanup. 6th street to Zumbro River. Last years cleanup was more difficult because area had not been cleaned for 2 years.
      • May 19th – Stay Out Of The Sun Run. Short event.
    • ARES:
      • 1 Skywarn callout in March. Earliest in memory. Was not an official callout.
      • April 24th is the Olmsted Skywarn training at the International Event Center. There will be a pre-training meal at the Ground Round. It was suggested to be there no later than 5pm due to last year’s slow service. Talk-in on 147.255 repeater.
      • Rob is tracking skywarn training.
      • KD0ORR is Fillmore county EC.
    • Field Day:
      • Gota is covered.
    • Contesting:
      • Contesting site: Contesting.com
      • Rookie roundup (SSB) is on April 16th.
    • Education:
      • Next class starts April 15th. So far, there are 7 students.
    • Social Gatherings:
      • 5:30pm on last Thursday of the month at Wildwood.
  • Old business:
    • None
  • New business:
    • A weather balloon launch will be held in the next 30 days. APRS will be on board. Interested parties should contact K0ADX (Steve).
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

Program for this month, using a computer to communicate via Morse Code, was presented by W0BM.

RARC Meeting Minutes - May 9th, 2017

  • Meeting called to order by President Drew at 6:30 pm
  • Treasurer’s report:


    Opening Balance: $8,584.39


    Raffle: $13.00

    Dues: $ 155.00

    IBM: $2.20


    RPU: $48.51

    Closing Balance: $8,706.08



    Opening Balance: $4,819.77


    Interest: $0.03

    Closing Balance: $4,819.80


    Total: $13,525.88

  • Minutes from last month's meeting:
    • Approved.
  • Committees:
    • Technical Committee:
      • D-Star repeater equipment needs upgrading. The current PC might be swapped out with a Raspberry Pi. Eric Westgaard is willing to ship a kit to us for little cost.
      • .82 repeater costs are going up. The current contract offer would have us continue to pay electric and would add a yearly fee of $125. There are only three other people on the current site. The committee is currently looking at other options. Mayo is full. Whether we stay or move, we are probably looking at new feedline and antenna. One site near Rock Dell could save us a little in recurring electric costs and generator power would be provided, but would require a one-time $1500 filter purchase. Also the repeater coverage pattern would change, possibly to the detriment of downtown and better coverage for skywarn. The .625 repeater is available for downtown coverage and it’s coverage could improve if Mayo adds floors to the Gonda building. Proposal to continue at the current site, pay the new costs, and move forward with finding a new site by May 2018 was approved.
    • Public Service:
      • SOS run.
      • Med City Marathon. 16 signed up, 20 needed.
      • Team Red Cross Country run.
      • Believe in me Bike Ride.
      • Hy-Vee Triathalon.
      • Rochester Tour-de-Cure ride has been cancelled due to the national committee reducing the rides to one per state.
      • RochesterFest Parade. 2pm, Saturday, June 24th. Same day as field day. Could use 10 people.
      • Med City 5k/10k.
      • Bounce day.
      • The Fire Chief has asked if the club is interested in helping with the larger Down by the Riverside concerts Sunday evenings. Maybe 3 or 4 per year, approximately 5pm to 10pm? They are looking for foot rovers as points of contact for the crowd, as well as shadows for Police, EMS and Fire.
      • MnARES reflector has had announcements for out of area events.
      • Please sign up for public service events early (once you are reasonably sure you can make it). If it turns out you can’t make it, contact the event organizer to have your name taken off the list.
    • ARES:
      • ARES members should be volunteering for the public service events as good training opportunities.
      • Control ops should be sure to check the net control schedule.
      • Working with Dodge County and Fillmore County Skywarn.
    • Summer Field Day:
      • KE0EMJ is the leader again with co-leaders.
      • Call-sign for this year is K0Z.
      • Event will be at Game-Haven again.
      • Layout is similar to last year which is documented in Visio on the club website.
      • Co-Leaders are:
        • GOTA (N0KZO & KDORR):
          • ARES trailer
          • Military mast
          • IC718 (Club)
          • 3kw genset?
        • SSB (W0STV):
          • Shell building
          • W0STV / W0BM mobile tower
          • 12’x12’ floor (W0STV will price), KE0EMJ canopy
          • W0STV generator
          • LED lighting.
        • CW (K0RGR) / Digital (AB0BW):
          • (operate in KE0EMJ canopy, rest in NZ0S trailer)
          • Military mast
          • IC7410 (K0RGR)
          • 1kw genset?
          • Beam and 40M loop below.
        • Safety (N0KZO):
        • IT (AA0CN, KC0NPF, KC0CJP):
          • Laptop batteries
          • Network laptops
      • Chairs and tables needed.
      • Scout participation. (Liasons: N0FMX, KC0QGB, KC0WIJ 48:30)
        • Youth protection training required.
    • Skywarn Training:
      • Rochester – April 24th at the Rochester Event Center
      • Mantorville – March 22nd at the Mantorville Fire Department.
    • Contesting:
      • May 27th and 28th International CW Worked all Prefixes.
      • June 10th VHF contest. KC0P in St. Charles on Saturday. 5 minutes after the hour. 146.55 FM.
    • Education:
      • 6 students in last class (2 from Rochester). Next class will be in July.
    • VE:
      • 2 people tested.
    • Social Gatherings:
      • Next social gathering is June 29th.
  • Old business:
    • None
  • New business:
    • W0STV announced a fox hunt hosted by the Faribault radio club in June.
    • One seat available on flight to Dayton HamVention, now located in Xenia, OH. Package deal.
    • New Secretary needed. Call for volunteers. Let KC0CJP know if interested.
    • K0SIR has IC 7000 for sale.
    • K0MD is soliciting interest in a DX contesting course.
  • Raffle held.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm.

Program for this month was about Field Day bonus points.

RARC Meeting Minutes - June 13th, 2017

  • Meeting called to order by President Drew at 6:32pm
  • Treasurer's Report:
  • Checking:

    Opening Balance: $8,706.08


    Amazon: $30.42

    IBM: $4.40

    Antenna: $10.00

    United Way: $110.38


    RPU: $47.37

    Closing Balance: $8,813.91



    Opening Balance: $4,819.80


    Interest: $0.04

    Closing Balance: $4,819.84


    Total: $13,633.75

  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Not ready.
  • Committees
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Checked out ARES trailer for Field Day.
      • Brogan accepted 1 years rent until May 2018.
    • Public Service:
      • Upcoming events:
        • Believe in Me bike ride. Routes up to 120 miles. Will use both. Rochester and Winona repeaters.
        • Rochesterfest Triathalon.
        • Rochesterfest Parade.
        • Down by the Riverside. Assist Rochester Fire with crowd contact.
    • ARES:
      • New Dodge County simplex repeater. 146.580. Will record and playback up to about 3.5 minutes of audio. Equipment consists of 25 watt radio into a J-Pole. System supports voice mail. Covers Kasson and Mantorville.
    • Contesting:
      • Field Day.
    • Education:
      • Next class is in July. This time it is not through community ed.
    • Social Gatherings:
  • Old/New business:
    • K0RGR will take over Secretary position as KA0MYG is taking over the Technical Committee lead.
    • August picnic on the 8th. N0KZO will check with Barb and Roger.
    • D-Star gateway stopped working. KC0FOW is working on repairs. Goal is to replace old hardware.
    • Solar eclipse is August 21st. W0VLZ reserved call of N0T for club to use for event related activities (ARRL QSO party). There will be a group investigating propagation (digital/CW modes) during the eclipse, particularly stations located in the eclipse area.
    • Pat, W0BM, found buyers for some old club equipment and submitted a check to the club for $500.
    • The club SB220 amplifier is available for possible use/purchase by club member. Uses a pair of 3-500Z.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.
  • Program for this month was Field Day readiness.

RARC Meeting July 11, 2017

  • Called to order by President Drew Naatz at 6:30 p.m. - 25 in attendance
  • Treasurer's report -
  • Checking: Opening Balance: $8,813.91 Credits IBM: $6.60 Dues: 30.00 Equipment Sales: $500.00 Classes: $180.00 Raffel: $38.00 Debits RPU: $48.80 Field Day: $186.27 Closing Balance: $9,333.44 Savings: Opening Balance: $4,819.84 Credits Interest: $0.04 Closing Balance: $4,819.88 Total: $14,153.32
  • Need new Field Day coordinator for next year -
  • K0Z call is reserved for next year
  • Field Day Wrap Up will be held at the BUG meeting on Saturday
  • Public Service - volunteers are neede dfor the 'Down by the Riverside' concerts, every Sunday night for the summer. Signups on the club web page under 'Public Service'
  • ARES - W0STV will be the ARES EC for Olmsted County effective August 1. His Assistant ECs will be:
    • N0HZN
    • KA0MUG
    • AA0CN
    • KE0EMJ
  • Contesting - see ARRL web site
  • Eclipse Event is August 21st
  • Education - July Technician class is cancelled. Next class in September
  • Old Business - the Red Cross station is gone as they prepare to leave the building.
    • K0VH is working with the XYL of a SK ham in regard to his radio estate
    • Picnic is August 8th, 6:30 p.m. at the KOA - show up early and get on the air - Drew is providing pulled pork - club will provide plates
  • Business meeting adjourned at 6:47
  • Guest Speaker - Tom NY0V - Eustace Amelia Earhart Discover Expedition


RARC Meeting September 10, 2017

Called to order by President Naatz at 6:30 p.m.

Treaurer's Report

Opening Balance: $9,333.44
IBM: $8.80
United Way: 90.00
Amazon: $15.99
Dues: $60.00
Raffle: $13.00
RPU: $50.02
RPU: $48.65
Office Supplies: $25.78
Picnic: $29.56
Field Day: $385.37
Tower: $125.00
Closing Balance: $8,856.85
Opening Balance: $4,819.88
Interest: $0.03
Interest: $0.04
Closing Balance: $4,819.95
Total: $13,676.80

Public Service - Upcoming events - Med City Half Marathon, Harvest Classic, Bounce Day, Roadside Cleanup

ARES - Presentation of badges to AECs - reports of ARES activities in Florida and Mayo Clinic

Field Day - Reports filed and continuing to lookd for coordinator

Solar Eclipse - Mel, KC0P gave a report on his activites during the eclipse

Eduction - Tech and General classes both underway in September

BSA JOTA - Oct 21 at BSA HQ Scout Office

New Business - K0VH suggested that we need a process for handling equipment for SIlent Keys

Meeting Adjourned at 7:10 p..m.

W0BM gave a presentation on CHIRP

RARC Meeting November 14th, 2017

Nov 17 RARC minutes K0VH sec/acting

Called to order 1834 CT Nov 14 17 by president Drew KC0CJP.

Need to get Treas report via email from K0RDA.

Minutes need to be posted as well from K0RGR.

Need a 2018 secretary, treasurer (sub till April?) and Field Day coordinator.

Tech committee: Still looking at 82 antenna sites from KWWK or Rock Dell sites.

DSTAR needs a server(?), BJ contacting Eric for more info.

Public service: Frozen Goose in Feb.

ARES: Dec 2 skywarn appreciation day in NWS Lacrosse. Trying to car pool from Apache mall 9am.

RARC Facebook page has a LOT of info on it.

VE test graduates announced, 4 in attendance all RARC members till YE18.

Jim KD0ORR discussed army MARS exercise Nov 4-6 using 60m high power broadcast, played it for the group.

W0STV asking anyone interested in getting MARS license see him.

Kelly KE0EMJ discussed Field Day 2017 results 6088 score for our K0Z 3A station which should have earned us

the Minnesota Cup award again.

Fred mentioned SSB Sweepstakes Nov 18 weekend, Dec has 160 &10m ARRL contests.

Christmas party N side of Dooleys Pub Dec 12 630? Kelly will get simple RSVP listed. Need to vote on officers.

New Business

Send W0STV Steve email if problems with 147.255, describe problems

Bob AB0BW and K0VH got N0NUV dipole back on the air.

10m net try for 7pm 28.325

W0STV discussed Winlink, who has acctounts.



Program KA9FOX Scott How to buy & sell used ham gear -safely- (no scammers) 715 start


RARC Meeting Jan 9th 2018

Meeting called to order by Andrew KC0CJP at 6:31PM

Treasurer's report:


Opening Balance: 10359.99


+ Dues: 130.0


- RPU 48.02

- Drone Supplies: 824.21

- PO Box: 90.00

Closing Balance: 9,527.76


Opening Balance: 4,820.05


+ Interest: 0.04

Closing Balance: 4,820.09

Total: 14,347.85

Can pay dues online: button could be larger!

Tech Committee:

meeting next Tuesday night 6:30

Public Service:

Frozen Goose race Feb 3rd

Fat Tire race Feb24th?

More to be posted as dates form.


Saturday BUG event 9-11AM at Fire Station #2

Winter Field Day Jan 27th 10AM-6PM, bring food for potluck!

ARRL New ARES program: "ARES Connect", need ID# with ARRL (Group in National ARES org), need to check in individually with profiles, requirements(?)

ARMY MARS certification for Olmsted ARES in March. Need one more individual to get 3 for certification as Club MARS.

Simplex frequencies are enacted to match the state ARES simplex

WINLINK e-mail is encouraged. winlink.org

Sunday night nets starting in February 11th; Start to Rotate, Odd Sundays (1st, 3rd, and 5th) on .255, 2nd Sunday on 625, 4th sun .82 used.

Suggested to use that weeks "net" for general traffic.

ARES applications being taken (new ones)

VE Test session Feb 8th

Jan 1st: new Tech pool questions, to be implemented July 1st.

Contesting (K4IU):

RTTY Roundup

Na2p North American QSO party

CW this weekend

Phone contest 2 weeks from this week

National Contest Journal: K0MD's first edition: New and young contesters

MN QSO party: Feb 4th, link in Newsletter: See w0aa.org

Education: No classes until spring, see Community Education

Old Business:

Will be talking about Silent Key process

K0VH has process from previous meeting in October. Ready to go out on website. W0STV made motion, Seconded, motion passed. K0VH to send AA0CN link for website. New Categories "Join", "Become Member", "Pay Dues"

New Business:

10M net was successful a while back, e-mail to go out on Yahoo Groups. 7PM on Tuesdays.

Steve W0STV a year older, brought chocolate!

Field Day (AA0CN):

Century High School best option? Can check with Menards (Dan tried before without luck)

Gamehaven Scout Reservation as tertiary backup

K0Z name is reseved (thanks KE0EMJ)



Reminder to pay dues!


Motion to adjourn @ 6:58PM

Raffle: $22 in, $11 out.

Pat: Program on Computerized battery analyzer


Respectfully submitted,

-Collin AA0CN


Meeting Minutes Feb 13th
Meeting to order  @ 6:33PM
Treasurer's report:
Balance: 9527.76
Dues: 590.00
IBM: 11.00
3mo of Raffles: 48.00
RPU 49.02
Drone Supplies 12.38
Closing Balance: 1115.36
Opening Balance: 4820.09
Interest: 0.03
Closing balance:4820.12
Total Balance: 14395.48
January Minutes submitted by AA0CN
Tech: K0MYG
Phone conference every other meeting?
146.820 machine: no update, John Scott not present
DSTAR: BJ: Up and running, network connected, activity witnessed. Looking for link/unlink test from reflector. Local user database lost, but logging on brings you into database.
Investigate Voting nodes for the 82 machine?
Tech Committe discussed being more proactive about checking out the equipment for function
Packet Radio / Winlink: 145.67 node is down for now
Radio at Channel One?
Standard CHIP image on the website: http://www.rarchams.org/vhf_uhf_template
Steve/Kelly looking into MARS. Pursuing to End of March. Looking for one more person.
Saturday BUG group: Cleanup/organizing. Antenna/SDR project
Public Service: Ironwood Challenge, look at website
Letter: Someone in Oronoco 5k Gold Rush race, 3rd weekend in August
May: Stay-out-of-the-sun run
Field Day: Collin, AA0CN
Technician Strike Team discussed
Schaeffer Academy, probing as location
ARES: Steve, W0STV
Rotating on repeaters
Change of Preamble on Feb 1st
Net Control Operators wanted, contact Steve W0STV
Skywarn training March 19th at Int Convention Center at 6:30PM
MN Simplex frequencies posted to website and adopted (VHF/UHF)
Signups for ARES available.
Is there an IPRS IGate in town? No?
January was active: VHF, Winter Field Day, MN QSO Party
Go to ARRL website for list
Public Education class in May
VE Testing: Bob K0SIR
Two to General.
Registrations online:
Steve is aligning up mentors for newcomers
Site is at Red Cross building for now, keep eye on location!
W0STV: Keep radios on!
Adjourn: 7:00PM

Meeting Notes: March 13th

Meeting Started 6:30
Treasurer's report: George, KD0YOZ
 Opening Balance: 10115.36
    Dues: 200.00
    Raffle: 16.00
    IBM: 4.40
    United Way: 90.00
    Amazon: 14.09
    RPU: 49.61
 Closing Balance: 10390.24
 Opening Balance: 4820.12
 Interest: 0.03
 Closing Balance: 4820.15
Total: 15210.39
Tech Committee: John, KA0MYG
No Meeting held this month
Still working on 82 repeater
Negotiations for tower near Byron ongoing
625 repeater needs some maintenance work, John NZ0S working on it
Public service NZ0S: Nothing, sign up! Dates on website, some still forming.
ARES: Steve, W0STV
VOAD conference, well presented. Pushing Amateur Radio more
KD0ZWM asst MN sec coordinator has PPT Program w. education, free?
ARES members should have NIMS 100b 200b 700a 800b courses (with letters)
ARROW: Operation in cities, CERT/ARES training
SKYWARN: March 19th training
Give Steve APRS / Cell / Car make-model for Storm-Spotting
MDOT: Cleanup for next 3 years? Done after that.
Net Control done April 1st, will need new schedule
BUG Event this Saturday, finish trailer and housekeeping
New Technicians to get radio/voucher idea? Passed to Tech Committee
Red Cross doing in-house training for Ham Radio Operators (part of RC only)
Red Cross Shelter operation training for ARES members?
VOAD meeting Mar14th @ Channel1 3PM
Field Day: Collin, AA0CN
Schaeffer Academy as Location, passed
Safety officer and station leads need designated.
Contesting: Upcoming:
1200z contest
SSB contest
Unique Call contest coming up!
Tech Class starting on April 14th
Old business:  -none-
New business:
Mrs. AB0BW/ Amy: Wants WX warning for events in Red Wing?
Passed on to Red Wing club, in their area moreso.
DSTAR/DPRS->144.39 Digital Position Reporting: AA0CN to put on Website!
Meeting closed


Meeting Minutes April 10th
Meeting to order  @ 6:30PM

Treasurer's report, George KA0MYG
Open: 10,390.24
Dues: 210.00
Raffle: 12.00
IBM: 2.20
Donaiton: 20.00
PayPal Dues: 728.10
RPU: 49.28
NonProfit Tax: 39.95
Closing Balance: 11,273.31
Open: 4,820.15
Interest: 0.004
Closing Balance: 4,820.19
Total: 16,093.50

Minutes accepted.

Public Service N0HZN:

April 28, 9:00AM: Roadside Cleanup (Last year)

See website for others!

Two extended events:

-Thursdays on First, spotters in field for bad WX

-Sunday Concert In The Park series

Signups thin, please sign up!

Tech Committee: 

TDX-1 Dual Bander as giveaway radio, $60?

Stash of Baofengs, pillage them? Distribute as loaners?

VE Test in May

Antenna analyzer was sent in for service: maybe ~$100?

Motion N0HZN: cache of 6 radios as loaners to new licenses when they attend 1st meeting for 1 year period. When they buy new one, turn it in for next guy. PASSED.

Keys for trailer(s) needed for Tech committee.

625 Repeater off-frequency?


Get Simplex freqs in your radios!

UHF: Delta Echo and Foxtrot for crossbanding to repeaters, see website.

SkyWarn: Test on Thursday this week @ 6:45PM, Test Net on 255 w. APRS

Working with Civil Air Patrol, try to get more of them licensed!

Gary Peterson donated a TNC! Wants work on his 40ft tower in exchange, can do.

WinLink Nodes to go up: VHF simplex. HF one to follow perhaps @ EOC FS#2

Field Day:

RVs/Shelter: lockable for each station/equiptment?



April/.May casual contesting months

Some contests, good prep for field day


Class coming up

New Business:

Kelly, Life events KE0PBI finished GED, Steve W0STV retired!

Some old Club stuff was discovered, with signs! Proposal: re-stencil and use.

August Picnic @ KOA again
RCTC launching APRS Balloon


Meeting closed at 7:10


Meeting Minutes May 8th
Meeting to order  @ 6:30PM

Meeting to order  @ 6:30PM

Skip and Frank presented our 3A MN Cup for Field Day

Treasurer's report:
Opening Balance: $ 11,273.31 
Dues: $       120.00 
Raffle: $         16.00 
IBM: $            8.80 
United Way $       120.00 

RPU: $         50.23 
Equipment Maintence $         48.64 
Closing Balance: $ 11,439.24 

Opening Balance: $   4,820.19 
Interest: $            0.03 
Closing Balance: $   4,820.22 

Total: $ 16,259.46 

Tech Committe: Steve and W0AMB, nothing new

Pub Service:
Med City coming up, sign up!
Field Day / Rochesterfest parade
June 9th: DOT cleanup

Crossbanding in place
VHF WinLink to be in place.
27 ARES members, looking for more!
NIMS courses, take them!

Field Day:
Portable Restroom, passed.
See Field Day page

VHF contest in June

July 14th start; 3 satudays in a row
Special class for C.A.P. in 2 wks
Radios for C.A.P.?

Old business:
RCTC ballon to be launched on Monday: K9ADX-11
Purchase new radios, motion: Threshold; broken/waterdamabe, to be refunded to us. Agreement to be signed for cost of radio if not returned in one year, $200 cap. To be reviewed in 6 months. Passed.

New Business: Steve to help C.A.P. This Saturday. Looking for one other, to be sent on reflector.

Close 7:16- PM


Meeting Minutes June 12th

Meeting to order: 6:33

Treasurers report:
Report 2018-6 
Opening Balance: $ 11,439.24  
Dues: $30.00  
Raffle: $11.50  
IBM: $   2.20  
Amazon: $26.56  
Iron Challenge $50.00  
Raffle Donated $11.50  
RPU: $49.63  
Closing Balance: $ 11,521.37  
Opening Balance: $   4,820.22  
Interest: $   0.04  
Closing Balance: $   4,820.26   
Total: $ 16,341.63 

Minutes: To be uploaded

Tech Committee:
looking at KWWK site
625 to get someone up ot tweak it back in freq
255 repeater callsign change, dropouts intermittent?
UV-5R stock ordered for Newcomers program
EM50 work: Winlink/APRS/ax.25
Trailer: work in progress, getting upgrades done.
Order a ladder mount antenna for trailer? Motion passed.

Public service:
Concerts by the river; doing a good job!
Thurday's on first ; police central tent, HRO there to interface with storm spotting
ARES: Rochester Alert -> CodeRed alerts
Yahoo Groups: sign up for reflector

Field Day. WalMart Parking Lots On The Air
Mel got into CERN reports with his data!

Old Business: None
New Business: None

Meeting closed, introductions.
AA0CN with Planning/Program on Field Day


Meeting Minutes July 10th

Order at 6:32

Minutes accepted

Public Service:

Steve taking over Concerts in the Park; could use help. 6:30-9:30pm Sundays. Sign up, bring chair, operating on simplex

Boards available, should use them for public service!

M.O.U. with RPD for Thursdays on First, for SKYWARN activity


Quick-deployment improvements on ARES trailer worked well

Taking all stuff out of black trailer to test it.

Fillmore Co. Fair: 2 weeks from now, field station at the fair. Good to help out!

Mel KC0P donated his Mosley. Thank you Mel!

Specs for those found, keep in trailers to put them together correctly

Tech Committee:

No meeting

Proposal for addition to EOC to contact state EOC

Tri-band antenna for 2M/70CM/6M

Field Day: Scores still processing!

Initial Estimate: ~5364

Motion: $150 donation to Schaeffer fund, passed

Motion: $100 gift card to AA0CN, passed

Thanks to ALL who helped!

Treasurer's Report:


Opening Balance: $11,521.37 


Dues: $30.00 

Raffle: $10.00 

IBM: $2.20 



Team R.E.D.$400.00 

Raffle Donated$10.00 



5 HT radios$175.00 


Closing Balance: $11,682.22 


Opening Balance: $4,820.26 


Interest: $0.04 

Closing Balance: $4,820.30 

Total: $16,502.52 




Class this Saturday, last call!

Red Cross sold, find new place for VE sessions (EOC?)


Last Thursday of month, see website!

Potluck in place of August meeting

To add swap section to FaceBook page

Old/New Business:

MedARES, Genrose building to be extended. New antenna for building? ~$150? Motion to buy: passed.

SMARTFEST in Cologne Community Center, Sept 22nd.

Frontenac: ListeningTX Event, MN DX club, in Frontenac state park This Saturday, 10AM-5PM

28th July; Radio Garage Sale W0MEX

Fox Hunt in August?

Sept 30th Mayo Bounce Day

Introductions & meeting closed 7:17PM

Program: HF Compromise Antennas


August Meeting: RARC Picnic @ KOA
Informal Business meeting: Thank You to Schaeffer for Field Day, work on repeaters discussed.
Fox hunt activity! Thanks W0STV and AB0BW!
Food, thanks KC0CJP and others!

Meeting Minutes: September 11, 2018:

RARC Meeting Minutes - September 2018

Meeting called to order by President at 630pm, 23 present.
Treasurer's Report
Get breakdown from George. $1147. Savings $4820.  $16294 total Aug.
$1654 current total.
Minutes from last month's meeting
Short meeting at picnic, minutes posted.

Technical Committee Report: Mayo engineers 625. Rcvr off freq, not sensitive. Xmtr was off 2khz. Modulation out of spec.  18w power. Cans need tuning.         Need to do this on 82 now too.  Motion for 2 techs that did this on own time to give them $200 in food gift certificates as thanks.

Public Service:  Sunday is half marathon 12mi run, need 3 more to help.  Kelly talked Bounce Day Sep 30 Sunday.  Watch future emails for final info.

ARES: W0STV out.
Field Day:  AA0CN out.  Need rep for FD2019 working with Colin.
Contesting:  VHF about done, HF ramping up.
Education: K0RGR has only 1 signup Sep 29 last Sat via Comm Ed.
Social Gatherings:  Last Thurs of month.
Old business:  None

New business:  Start planning for Christmas party, Dooleys or Victorias TBD.  Dec 11.  Oct program is K0MD Nat'l Contesting Journal.
-Dan N0SPN discussed operations.
Meeting adjourned

Program for this month was on Propagation. K9LA Karl on via Skype. Mel KC0P.



Meeting Minutes October 9th, 2018

Treasurer's Report    2018-10    

Opening Balance:             $ 11,423.54
Dues:             $         30.00
United Way             $         75.00
Raffle:             $                -  
IBM:             $         13.20
Amazon:             $                -  

John Scott    repairs         $         85.54
Drew Naatz    picnic food         $         86.65
Kelly Boles    med antenna         $       144.90
RPU             $         52.87
Closing Balance:             $ 11,171.78

Opening Balance:             $   4,820.37
Interest:             $            0.03
Closing Balance:             $   4,820.40

Total:             $ 15,992.18


Tech committee:

  • Ken Jones asks Rochester EOC to be alternate location for SKYWARN
  • Beam antenna for State EOC communications discussed
  • 146.820 location: Storm killed power to location, 82 is dead/down. KE0PBI investigating, otherwise insurance can cover.
  • Request in for more headsets: Max of 8 is goal (operator and logger for each location)
  • Trailer should be used more often, use for more events, members to sign out and be in charge of trailer
Pub Service: Roadside cleanup
 good til Feb
OCt 13th SET, many counties involved
MN ARES website has ICS forms
Any other ideas for SET, let Steve W0STV know
Field Day:
Looking for a coordinator!
Contesting: Program to address


  • Class wrapping up this Saturday
  • Next Session April 20th
  • November 1st VE Test Session at Rochester EOC
Social Gatherings: Dooley's Pub at Dec 11 2018
Wildwood on last Thurs of month
Whistle Binkies on club nights
FCC/Baofeng sale fiasco, keep an eye on it
New battery for 82 repeater



Meeting Minutes November 13th 2018:

Meeting to order 6:33PM

Treasurer's report 2018-11:
    Opening Balance:             $ 11,171.78 
    United Way:            
    Raffle:             $         10.00 
    IBM:             $            4.40 
    Amazon:             $         16.15           
    Shaeffer Academy             $       150.00 
    Steve Wiebke     682 battery         $         95.57 
    Mercer Consumer    Insurance         $       286.00 
    RPU             $         50.07 
  Closing Balance:             $ 10,620.69 

  Opening Balance:             $   4,820.40 
    Interest:             $            0.04 
  Closing Balance:             $   4,820.44           
Total:             $ 15,441.13

Minutes posted to website for September & October

Tech Committee:

  • 82 repeater is fixed
  • Waiting on 625 tweaks, pager traffic interference
  • Gonda building going up 11 floors by 2022

Public Service:

  • Believe-In-Me bike ride june15
  • Frozen goose run in February sometime, watch website
  • DOT contract for cleanup is done


  • 2019 new direction; ARES connect, national network for individuals/accounts in national database for capabilities. Webinar on Thursday.
  • ARES training this winter. Winlink, fldigi, etc. BuG group playing with ATV 9AM-11AM
  • VOAD meeting on 28th at Ch1 food bank
  • Field Day 2019: looking for coordinator to assist AA0CN
  • Winter field day: Jan26/27th weekend. Coordinator this year?


  • This weekend; ARRL Phone sweepstakes
  • 8th December: 10m contest
  • 15th December: 160m contest

Education: Next class in Spring

Old/New business:

  • Pay for KOA, picnic? Follow-up to be done.
  • Dues for 2019 coming up, any time after August, $30 individual, $40 for family
  • 82 machine needs replacement antenna: $800-$900 Quad Bay antenna, 7/8th hardline, ~$4/ft, ~250-~300 feet. ~$1400 on Brogan's tower, right to the top. $1400 coax, $1400 climber, Max expense, ~$3600.
  • Motion: To allocate $4000 for antenna/hard-line/climber maintenance for 82 repeater. Motion passed.
  • Recommendation: 5-year plan for repeaters? 625 repeater's antenna may need replacing (fiberglass)
  • Auto license plates for any special plates are taking forever (state licensing mess, >6 months)
  • Radio for use after Bill's class; no contract: Drew to address.

Next meeting, Christmas party at Dooley's, December 11th; 6:30PM


Adjourn 7:05


Meeting Minutes December Christmas Party
Brief business meeting:
Motion to accept 2019 officers passed
- <pending nomination> - President
- Byron KC0NPF - Vice President
- George KD0YOZ  - Treasurer
- Collin AA0CN - Secretaty

Historical Minutes - Click here to see meeting minutes from January 1999 to January 2016.

This page is the responsibility of the Secretary.